Best Keto Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss

Easy keto breakfast recipes are an important part of the day! Getting a hearty portion of protein and fat early in the morning will give you long-lasting, sustainable energy all day long. Keep your meal prep simple with these low-carb breakfast ideas for classic comfort food, recipes with eggs, bread, muffins, smoothies and more!

Best Keto Breakfast Recipes for Weight Loss.

What Are Good Keto Breakfast Foods?

A keto diet excludes many of the modern breakfast meals we grew up with. No cereal, no toast, and no pop tarts!

The ketogenic state is greatly dependent on correctly formulated keto macros Namely, a combination of low carbohydrate, moderate protein, and high fat. Therefore, the ingredients you choose should naturally reflect these values.

The best keto breakfast recipes include animal protein and healthy fats, plus low-carb vegetables or fruit.

Common keto ingredients for breakfast are:

  • Eggs
  • Meat
  • Butter or ghee
  • Heavy cream
  • Cheese
  • Avocado
  • Broccoli
  • Cauliflower
  • Zucchini
  • Olives
  • Fresh herbs
  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Berries

Easy Keto Breakfast Meal Prep

No one wants to make an elaborate breakfast every day of the week!

With these simple low-carb breakfast recipes, you won’t have to.

The best keto breakfasts:

All the ideas here check each point off the list. You can’t go wrong!

I’m giving you all the keto breakfast ideas you could ever need in one easy to navigate location. So bookmark or pin this page and come back anytime you need a new recipe.

When you’re ready to start, I highly suggest downloading my free printable keto meal prep planner. Use it as you plan your keto diet menu for the weeks ahead. The easy-to-use template will save you so much time and keep you focused!

You are much less likely to eat off plan or snack on extra calories when you are prepared with nourishing keto meals.

Low-Carb Comfort Food for Breakfast

Keto breakfast foods include more than just bacon and eggs! Take a gander at all these delicious low-carb breakfast alternatives. Do they look familiar? Of course! Remake classic comfort food dishes with keto ingredients, and you’ll fill your ketogenic breakfast menu in no time. 

Keto waffles with a fork taking a bite out of it.
2-Ingredient Keto Waffles (Flourless Waffles)
Start your day with a delicious meal of protein, healthy fats, and only one gram net carb per serving. These waffles are flourless too, making the perfect quick comfort food recipe for low-carb, keto, gluten-free, and low-oxalate diets.
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A stack of pancakes with raspberries on a wooden surface.
Low-Carb Coconut Flour Pancakes
Make easy coconut flour pancakes this weekend and share a delicious keto breakfast with your whole family. This recipe is a dairy-free, vegetarian breakfast idea everyone will love.
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Breakfast lasagna being served at the table.
Low-Carb Breakfast Lasagna
With a hearty combination of eggs, sausage, cream, and cheese, this lasagna has loads of flavor. Plus, it’s entirely low-carb!
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Keto Strawberry Shortcake served with garnish on a wooden surface.
Ketogenic Strawberry Shortcake Pancakes
Nourish yourself and delight the mouth’s senses with a warm and fluffy stack of ketogenic strawberry shortcake pancakes. Enjoy a light and fluffy low-carb breakfast of coconut flour pancakes dressed up with strawberries and whipped cream!
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Servings of keto hot chocolate on a wooden surface.
Nutrient Dense Healthy Hot Chocolate
Warm up with a cup of hot chocolate in the morning. This low-carb homemade chocolate drink will warm and nourish you at the same time!
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A cup of tea on a saucer with a spoon, resting on a grey napkin.
Tibetan Butter Tea Recipe (Keto Tea)
Enjoy this popular Tibetan drink with four simple ingredients: brewed black tea, half-and-half, butter, and salt. It’s a hot, savory tea enjoyed with breakfast or as an afternoon treat.
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Keto Breakfast Ideas with Eggs

In many ways, eggs are the perfect keto food! They are easy to find anywhere you go, quick to cook, affordable, tasty, and a nice combination of protein and fat. Omelettes, egg bakes, and egg muffins are some of my favorite ways to eat eggs on a keto diet.

A keto omelette with tomatoes and spinach on a white plate.
How to Make a Keto Omelette
Begin the day with a low-carb, high-fat breakfast made with a quick and simple process. From start to finish, the meal only takes a few minutes to make and is highly customizable! Review the tips here and then get on your way to all the best keto omelette recipes.
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A batch of scotch eggs on a white plate.
Keto Carnivore Scotch Eggs
3-Ingredient Scotch Eggs are a delicious ground beef breakfast option! Meat is very satiating, so it’s great to get in during your first meal of the day.
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A white plate with a serving of Mediterranean omelet.
Easy Greek Omelette
A Greek omelette has to be stuffed full of classic Mediterranean flavor – tomatoes, green pepper, olives and feta cheese. Serve warm and dream of warm sunny days.
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Carnivore muffins in a baking tray.
Keto Breakfast Muffins with 5 Variations
This easy dairy-free breakfast idea is great for meal prep. Try any of the FIVE keto breakfast muffins options and find your favorite flavor!
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A plate of three cheese omelette with garnish on a white surface.
Three Cheese Keto Omelette
A delicious cheese omelette full of healthy fats and protein is the perfect quick keto breakfast any day of the week.
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A plate with two servings of egg casserole containing vegetables and meat.
Carnivore Keto Breakfast Casserole
Keto Breakfast Casserole is a delicious make-ahead meal with sausage, egg, and cheese. Not only is it easy to make, but it will also satiate and give you long-lasting energy for the day!
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Mexican omelette on a brown plate on a wooden board.
Mexican Omelette
Get all the essential flavors of Taco Tuesday wrapped up in a Mexican omelette for breakfast! Skip laborious meal prep first thing in the morning and make this low-carb recipe in 10 minutes or less.
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Sweet omelette on a white plate served with blueberries.
Healthy Sweet Omelette
Step away from savory omelettes and enjoy the sweetness of blueberries mixed with heavy cream. What a delicious change!
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Spanish omelette one a white plate over a wooden board.
Spanish Omelette with Cauliflower
This Spanish omelette with cauliflower instead of potato is a delicious low-carb spin on the traditional Spanish recipe. It’s a wonderful budget-friendly recipe that only uses 5 ingredients and makes leftovers that taste even better the next day!
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Cheesy keto casserole in a glass dish.
Cheesy Keto Casserole
Make low-carb breakfast casserole stuffed with spinach and mushrooms for breakfast. Be sure to save leftovers for a quick lunch or dinner!
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Sugar-free snickerdoodle omelette about to be eaten.
Sugar-Free Snickerdoodle Omelette
Dress up your morning omelette with a snickerdoodle-inspired combination of cinnamon and keto-friendly sweetener. It’s an excellent choice for sharing with children!
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Easy keto frittata served in a dark pot.
Easy Keto Frittata
Whip up this easy keto frittata for breakfast. It’s stuffed with a healthy mix of eggs, spinach, and feta cheese. This is a delicious vegetarian recipe ready in just 20 minutes!
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Omelette with garnish on a white surface.
5 Minute Omelette with Zucchini Hummus
Layer creamy zucchini hummus with parsley and smoked paprika on top of a warm omelette and enjoy a nutrient dense meal in the morning with minimal prep work.
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A full serving of baked omelette in a glass dish.
High-Protein Low-Carb Baked Omelette
Make this quick and easy low-carb baked omelette for breakfast or brunch. It’s a fast meal idea you can put together during the week or dress up for guests on Sunday. Combine 5 ingredients, plus salt, and bake until done!
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Omelette with meat on a plate garnished with onions.
Carnivore Omelette (Cheeseburger Style)
Serve a cheeseburger-style carnivore omelette from start to finish in 15 minutes. This dish has to be one of the easiest breakfast recipes ever!
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Portobello egg bake by Primal Edge Health.
Keto Portobello Egg Bake
A keto Portobello Egg Bake is a soft and warming breakfast combination of vegetables, healthy fats, and protein. It’s easy to make but fancy enough to celebrate a special day.
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Tomato and olive egg muffins white white background.
Low-Carb Tomato Olive Egg Muffins
Keto Egg Cups are a quick solution for meal prepping, snacking, and kid-friendly meals. These egg cups can also be packed in a to-go container and taken on the run.
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A plated omelette garnished with cheese crumbles, accompanied by a fork and knife.
Turmeric Omelette with Spinach and Goat Cheese
Serve a spicy, cheesy omelette infused with anti-inflammatory benefits for breakfast. Add avocado on the side, and the meal is done!
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Low-carb stir fry omelette in a white plate.
Low Carb Beef and Broccoli Omelette
Ground beef breakfast recipes are a personal favorite for me. Stuff your leftover stir-fry from the night before in an omelette and it will be a whole new meal!
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Garlic zucchini scrambled egg muffins on a white plate.
Garlic and Zucchini Scrambled Egg Muffin
Scrambled egg muffins are my lazy version of a crust-less mini quiche. They are a great thing to pop into your oven in the morning while you get ready for the day.
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Bread & Baked Goods

Are you a baker at heart? With a pinch of creativity and all the best ingredients for keto baking, you can still whip up homemade baked goods. So many sweet and savory bread, scones, muffins, and more have keto and low-carb options! Try any of the recipes below, and you’ll see for yourself how good oven-fresh recipes can be without carbs, wheat, and sugar.

Bead on a wooden board with a view of nature at the background.
Psyllium Husk Keto Bread
This keto bread with psyllium husk recipe could be the only keto bread substitute you need! With a crispy crust and soft pliable center, this is perfect for all multi-grain or whole wheat bread uses.
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Close-up of a hand pouring white icing over a freshly baked blueberry scone.
Keto Blueberry Scones
Make this coffee shop style keto blueberry scones recipe In less than 30 minutes! Use just 10 low carb ingredients you probably already have in your pantry and follow the easy recipe directions or watch along in the video.
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A plate of keto French toast with strawberries and cream.
Keto French Toast
Warm, soft and full of cinnamon flavor – this keto French toast is a great recipe to share with the whole family and 100% kid-friendly. It’s vegetarian and completely gluten and sugar-free too!
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Keto coconut flour bread sliced into six.
Keto Coconut Flour Bread
Coconut flour bread is easy to make and has a light flavor, plus it’s dairy-free too! Serve it fresh or toasted with eggs and sausage.
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Pumpkin bread on a wooden board.
Keto Pumpkin Bread
Enjoy a Keto Pumpkin Bread Recipe this fall! Celebrate the change of season with a macro friendly pumpkin bread that is easy to make and entirely low carb and sugar-free. It’s dairy-free, flavorful, and moist – sure to be a new fall favorite this year.
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Low Carb Pumpkin Bread in rectangular pan.
Low Carb Chocolate Pumpkin Bread
Ultra moist and chocolate-infused, this low carb pumpkin bread is a delicious treat for fall! Bake it once and serve it all week with a side of eggs in the morning.
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Keto pumpkin muffins coconut flour in a baking dish.
Keto Pumpkin Muffins
With only 4-ingredients (plus spices), these muffins are a fun, low-calorie way to celebrate the best of fall baking.
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A white dish of keto drop biscuits on a wire cooling rack.
Keto Biscuits with Thyme and Cheese
Do you have 10 minutes to mix some almond flour, cheese, eggs, cream, butter, thyme and salt together in a bowl? That’s all you need to prep these savory low-carb, keto biscuits. Then, serve with eggs and sausage for a complete keto meal.
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Ketogenic gingerbread on wooden cutting board with knife.
Ketogenic Gingerbread Loaf
Cozy up with the family and share a keto sweet bread flavored with warming spices and maple sweetness by the fire. This is a great recipe for fall and winter mornings.
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Double batch keto flatbread in stacks on a wooden board.
Keto Flatbread + 33 Variations
Make a double or triple batch and store these in the freezer to last all month. Serve with keto syrup like pancakes or wrapped around scrambled eggs and hot sauce like a burrito. You can’t go wrong if it’s sweet or savory, however you like best!
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Pieces of savory muffins on a white surface.
Savory Keto Veggie Muffin
This savory keto veggie muffin recipe will blow you away. A blend of coconut flour, broccoli and herbs may sound unimpressive, however, I assure you it is anything but!
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Smoothies & Breakfast Bowls

Grab a bowl, grab a spoon, and get down to business. Blend a high-fat keto smoothie or enjoy a make-ahead chia pudding recipe first thing in the morning. Either way, these quick and easy keto breakfast ideas are sure to be a new favorite!

Low-carb avocado smoothie recipe on a white wooden surface.
Blueberry Avocado Smoothie
This keto breakfast smoothie is low-carb, dairy-free, and vegan. It’s easy to make in 5 minutes and only has 5 ingredients!
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A glass of blackberry smoothie with garnish on a wooden surface.
Keto Blackberry Smoothie
Blend up this keto blackberry smoothie in 5 minutes with only 3 ingredients, plus water! It’s a quick and easy low-carb summer breakfast or snack for adults and kids alike.
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A glass of strawberry cheesecake smoothie served with two straws.
Keto Strawberry Cheesecake Smoothie
This strawberry cheesecake smoothie recipe is the perfect cross between a sweet treat and a creamy shake. Enjoy it for breakfast or as an afternoon snack.
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A bowl of homemade raw milk yogurt on a wooden board.
Homemade Raw Milk Yogurt
This Homemade Raw Milk Yogurt recipe is a probiotic-rich food you can easily make. You don’t need a yogurt maker or machine for this budget and family-friendly recipe.
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Two servings of green smoothie in a glass with two green straws.
Keto Green Smoothie
Mix up a low-carb, keto green smoothie for breakfast or a quick snack in just a few minutes. It’s a healthy vegan and dairy-free recipe with a refreshing lemon mint flavor.
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Hot keto cereal served in a brown bowl with a wooden spoon.
Keto Breakfast Cereal
This fiber-rich, coconut keto breakfast cereal is quick to make and gives you a combination of protein and fat in the first meal of the day.
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Chai latte chia pudding in a glass on a wooden surface.
Chai Latte Chia Pudding
Prep this low-carb breakfast the night before so it has time to thicken. You’ll love this pudding with all the warm and spicy flavors of a chai latte!
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More Easy Keto Recipe Ideas

If you still haven’t found the ideas you’re looking for, hop over to these pages for more recipe inspiration:

Finally, there’s a little bit of everything on my Easy Keto Recipes page. With so many great ideas, you’ll want to try them all!

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