To help you source ingredients and find specific products we use in our home, recommend to clients, and mention in posts, hangouts and podcasts, I made this handy “one-stop-shop” of helpful links.
We intentionally do not work with the Amazon affiliate program and instead, choose to exclusively support meaningful, family oriented businesses. Sure big A was easy and convenient but so are alternatives like iHerbs (for organic supplements and grocery) and Thrift Books (for books).

Please note: Many of these links are affiliate links, if you purchase any items through the links on this page, we make a small commission that is used to help keep Primal Edge Health running. We only link to products we personally use and endorse as things that add value to a ketogenic diet and lifestyle. If you purchase through our links, you have our sincere thanks! You can read our full affiliate disclosure here.

Special Deals for You

$25 off Your First Order

“Crowdfund a cow” with fellow meat lovers. Source high quality craft beef and meats from local farmers. Connect with REAL people who raise your meat and support sustainable agriculture.

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FREE Bacon + $20 Off & Free Shipping

Save $20, get free bacon and free shipping on your first order from ButcherBox, a food delivery subscription service specializing in 100% grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork.

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Save 20% on our favorite keto sweetener

Use coupon code PRIMALEDGEHEALTH for 20% off. Listen to Jessica’s Podcast about Lakanto or learn more about it here.

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The BEST Coconut Flour, Oil, and More

Use coupon code PRIMALEDGEHEALTH to save 10% off your order.

Top Quality Keto Foods

US Wellness
Grass-fed beef, butter, bones, and organ meats + lamb, chicken, duck, and more!
US and Canadian delivery.
kettle and fire ketogenic chicken soup 1
Kettle and Fire
High-quality, shelf stable 100% organic bone broth ready for soups, sauces, and hot drinks.
Wild-caught fish and sustainable seafood prepared under high purity standards, ethics of sustainability and community awareness.

Mountain Rose Herbs
Organic herbs and spices, essential oils, teas, and more. High quality standards and regard for real sustainability and environmental consideration.
100% bar image
Ketogenic Chocolate Bars
USDA organic sugar-free chocolate bars from heirloom cacao beans sourced from Ecuador.
Yogurt and Cheese Cultures
Starter cultures and equipment for homemade yogurt, cheese, kefir and kombucha. Heriloom varieties are available.
C8 MCT Oil and MCT Powder
Currently the most potent MCT on the market. Oil and powder are available in standard and travel sizes.

RealPlans Square Banner Keto
Real Plans
Keto friendly meal planning app (with grocery list, recipes, reminders and more). Excellent for busy folks and multi-diet households.
Joovv red light Tristan

Red Light Therapy

Learn more in podcast episodes EP 243: Light: The Forgotten Nutrient and EP 145: All You Need to Know about Photobiomodulation

If you think keto feels amazing, wait until you discover how profoundly light affects our health and vitality. Specific frequencies can drop inflammation, improve mitochondrial health, provide pain relief, boost mood and minimize stress.

Check out the set up we use daily.

Recommended devices:

We take a minimalist approach to supplementation and think that it is best to get our nutrition from food. Electrolytes are very important for a keto diet, these are the only things we recommend across the board to everyone.

Electrolytes (recommended for everyone)

Supplements and Vitamins (recommended in specific instances)

*use PEHLISTENER for a discount on all Liposomal Products