A Secret to Easy Keto Adaptation

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Armed with the right information, you can have an easy keto adaptation and smooth transition into the low-carb state of ketosis.

A keto diet should be easy and straightforward.

Our clients have very high rates of success because we teach simple methods and help people rebuild their habits in a sustainable way.

The ketogenic diet is a tool we use to achieve specific body composition goals and maintain a high performing mental state.

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One of the initial hurdles people encounter when they first cut out carbohydrates is commonly termed the “keto flu”. While it is not the actual flu, fatigue, achy joints, and other flu-like symptoms can affect people for a few days early on in the transition into keto.

Have an Easy Keto Adaptation, eat SALT

For an optimal and easy transition from a “sugar-burner” to a “fat-burner” be sure to regularly consume a high quality mineral salt. Salt is demonized and vilified, but the truth is that salt is essential crucial for brain function and hormone production. Salt is vital to good health, and is required by the human body in order to function properly.

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Health Benefits of Mineral Rich Salt

  • Provides essential minerals and trace elements
  • Balances electrolytes
  • regulating the electrical charges within our cells
  • Supports proper nutrient absorption
  • Eliminates toxins
  • Balances the body’s pH
  • Increases circulation
  • regulates body fluid levels and digestive acids

For a successful keto diet, it is important to get at least 5,000 mg of sodium daily!

On a ketogenic diet, high-quality mineral salt is one of the most important ingredients to have.

Do you feel awful in the beginning of your keto diet?

Here’s what to do…

Source High-Quality, Mineral-Rich Salt

Skip the table salt and opt for a high quality salt whenever possible. The nutritional difference and superior taste are worth the effort of sourcing from a local health food store or trusted online suppliers.

We choose to support family oriented businesses rather than affiliate with Amazon (the Goliath that is slowly swallowing all retail). Our favorite specialty salts come from Mountain Rose Herbs. They do all the hard work of sourcing and packaging salts (organic herbs and spices too), all we have to do is open a bag and sprinkle liberally onto the dish!

I wrote a recent review on Mountain Rose Herbs (hint: there’s a lot more going on than just buying their products), you can read it here.

Hope this helps you through a painless, easy keto adaption!

A secret to easy keto adaptaion - Primal Edge Health

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  1. Great information! I never had the keto flu at the beginning of this new lifestyle. I think it’s because I fasted with only for 5 days before switching over to keto. I researched fasting and just figured it was the best way to jumpstart the process. Going from fasting to keto was extremely easy, because eating low-carb, high-fat is super easy compared to extended fasting.


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