The Secret to A Perfect Keto Bread

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A relatively unknown ingredient for many on the keto diet, psyllium husk is the ideal ingredient for making the perfect keto bread because of the way it mimics the spongy texture of wheat bread without the use of any gluten-containing flours.

the secret to perfect keto bread

To be honest, I can’t remember the last time I used wheat flour in my kitchen that wasn’t for playdough. I’ve spent years experimenting with gluten and grain-free baking and feel like I’ve tried all the tricks to recreate the beloved wheat flour texture.

Nothing works to make the perfect keto bread better than psyllium husk powder.


Perfect Keto Bread with Psyllium Husk Powder

perfect keto bread all purpose

From Plantago ovata, this edible husk is a dense source of prebiotic and soluble fiber. Upon mixing with water, it thickens into a gel. Mix it into your dough and it binds the ingredients together very well. It might not look impressive in your bowl but just wait until you pull it from the oven.

The magic happens while it bakes.

After removing the bread from the oven, gently press your finger on the hardened bread crust and you’ll feel the center give a little. The inside rises and finishes with a unique light and fluffy texture unparalleled by any other flour combination.

It is comparable to white bread texture, deliciously encased with a firm crust. Flax and chia seed can do something similar but is not as good, consistent, or versatile as the psyllium husk powder can.

Tips on Baking with Psyllium Husk Powder

Beginners can make a perfect Keto bread with psyllium husk – but be sure to follow the recipe correctly!

  • Avoid the whole husk because it will leave small grainy bits in your bread loaf.
  • If you can only find whole husk, grind into powder in a blender or coffee grinder before using
  • Psyllium husk absorbs water very quickly. Get your ingredients ready ahead of time, you make need to work quickly once it is added.
  • Generally, recipes with psyllium husk have longer baking times but it is well worth the wait. Plan accordingly.
  • Source your psyllium from Mountain Rose Herbs (my very favorite place for herbs, spices, teas, and essential oils!) or a local health food store.
  • The naturally expansive nature of psyllium husk may make you feel fuller for longer and promote weight loss by slightly suppressing appetite.
  • You may enjoy this type of fiber even if you do not handle vegetables well. The fiber of psyllium is a mucilage type, different from what is found in kale, broccoli, and other low-carb vegetables.
  • In moderate doses, the fiber may soften stools and make them easier to pass.

Keto Bread recipes to try with Psyllium Husk Powder

The recipes listed above are all based on The BEST Keto Bread Loaf

More great ideas include:

The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking features psyllium husk powder in recipes like Smoked Salt Dinner Rolls, Keto Tortilla Chips, and Nut & Seed Mini Bites.

Do you want to learn more about keto baking?

Check out The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking or join our Facebook group and go preheat your oven!

Have you worked with psyllium husk before? What do you think about it? Leave a note about your experience in the comments.

6 thoughts on “The Secret to A Perfect Keto Bread”

  1. Hi Jessica,
    Opened up my YouTube and LOOK, there is my saving grace.
    I like you have trouble with almond flour. My insides are all too busy.
    I’ll go home from the job today and make this for sure. I’ve been using more Psyllium powder lately but not in a bread recipe.
    Thank you. Hope it works for me. Will let to I know , (if it works I’ll be purchasing your book.
    Jillaine Tagatz

  2. Yes, all are from bulk bins in various stores I trust! I guess I’ll have to invest in something online like Mtn Rose or Raw Food World. Where do you source yours? Thanks, love the recipe btw. Will be buying your latest carnivore e-book upon next paycheck!

    • Sometimes the bulk bins can be a little unreliable, I know from first hand experience (used to work at a health food store) how infrequently they are cleaned out. Product can go stale in there as well… But if you trust the source, maybe it’s different there. I support Mountain Rose Herbs and get the husk powder from them – never had a problem with it myself! Glad you like the recipe! Enjoy the Carnivore Cookbook, lots of goodies in there ?

  3. RE: working with Psyllium Husk. My sources are always, without fail, quite bitter in taste, enough to ruin even your recipe, Jessica. What gives?

    • I’m so sorry to hear this! I don’t have any experience with a bitter flavor. Have you tried different brands of psyllium?


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