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Hello! Welcome! My name is Jessica. I’m the lady-in-command at PEH, which I co-operate with my husband, Tristan.

Our Mission

After spending years struggling through various health woes, trying different diets, and researching health and wellness, we started Primal Edge Health in 2014 to share the best of what we learned. At the time, we were determined to find a solution aside from pharmaceutical drugs, invasive surgeries, and life-long “incurable” conditions. There had to be an alternative to the status quo.

Now, we develop simple recipes and provide practical advice so others can thrive on low-carb, keto, and carnivore diets.

Diet Guides for Beginners

Starting a new diet, cleaning out cupboards, and learning meal prep is a lot to take on all at once. Fortunately, we are here to walk you through the process as slowly (or quickly) as you need to go with practical advice and super delicious recipes (so good, you’ll like them no matter what your diet).

Let’s start with the basics in simple to read and easy to follow diet guides for beginners. If you don’t consider yourself a beginner, but are struggling with a stall or meeting your goals, review these guides and learn how you can improve your current approach.

In addition to clarifying important questions, I also link to our favorite recipes for easy meal prep. Of course, tasty recipes are essential for success. But, no matter how great the results are, if dinner reminds you of cardboard, you’re not going to last very long!

Easy Low-Carb Recipes

Are you looking for low-carb recipes that will save you time in the kitchen, help you stay on track with your diet, and taste delicious?

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Regardless if you’re cooking for one or a family, the food has to work with you, not against you. To help, I’ve gathered all my best simple recipes in various collections, so you can skip the trial and error of recipe testing and get straight to the winners! Shop Primal Edge Health Cookbooks now!

Contact Us

Please send a message to help.primaledgehealth @gmail . com (note: remove the spaces and make a complete email address) to reach us.


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