Whether your goal is a healthy lifestyle and diet you can adhere to long termweight loss, or packing on muscle with minimal fat gain – private coaching is available for men, women, and families.

This process is about establishing healthy habits and making sustainable personal lifestyle changes for the long term.

There is no prerequisite knowledge – only the desire to take action.

Don’t know what “macros” are?  No problem!  We can train and work with clients of any knowledge and experience level – from absolute beginners to advanced, we enjoy coaching anyone with the desire to make positive lasting changes in their life.

Our coaching packages are never cookie cutter or standardized – this is a 1-on-1 personalized mentorship where we train you and give you the tools to conquer and overachieve your goals with our full support along the way.  It’s about optimizing lifestyle, not just dialing in the diet and exercise.

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Tristan and Jessica work closely as a team with each individual and give all our clients the attention they need and deserve. We are HERE for YOU the entire process.

We assess and aid in the optimization of many other aspects of a clients lifestyle including circadian rhythms, living conditions, and work environment.  Our coaching is unique and completely customized to our clients needs. This is not cookie-cutter programming – we are all about truly training our clients to take it to the next level and live life to the fullest.


To start the journey with us, contact us through this email form, we will send you an in-depth questionnaire and payment details. Once payment is received, we will lock in a time slot best suited to your schedule.

*Jessica is also available to join the call, please specify if you would like her to be there


 4 Week Coaching - $250

Comphrensive 60 minute live skype consultation with Tristan discussing macros, meal formulation, exercise and lifestyle


  • Meal Plan, tailor made to your recommended macros, formulated to suit your needs, preferences, budget and lifestyle.
  • Lifestyle Optimization Adjustments centered around sleep, stress and light cycles
  • Individual Training Program tailored to your skill level, experience, and goals (if desired – training is not required to make lasting changes in body composition)
  • Recommended shopping list and customized macronutrient chart (PDF) for quick access during tracking
  • Full access via unlimited text or email check-ups to gauge progress and make adjustments

 12 Week Coaching - $570

All the benefits of 4 week coaching extended through 12 weeks


1 hr live skype consultation and reassessment of goals and strategies each month

$180 in savings

Cost: $250 USD

Cost: $570 USD

We work together to create habits and a lifestyle that is conducive to LONG TERM success towards your goals.

Please note: We do NOT use a keto style diet for all clients, the diet is tailored to the individual. This plan is adjusted as necessary via email and text check ups.


To schedule Coaching just fill out the email form below.

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