The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking: Sugar-Free, Grain-Free, Low-Carb and Ketogenic Recipes

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The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking is a complete encyclopedia for healthy baking on a ketogenic diet. Enjoy breads, cookies, cakes and more while still staying in ketosis!

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The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking is a complete encyclopedia for healthy baking on a ketogenic diet. The cookbook includes a thoroughly designed introduction to baking on keto and 7 recipe chapters with a total of 106 low-carb sweet and savory recipes. This is designed for individuals and families who want to enjoy breads, cookies, cakes and more while maintaining a low-carbohydrate intake and/or follow daily ketogenic macronutrient parameters.

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Ketogenic, Low-Carb and Paleo

Gluten-Free | Grain-Free | Sugar-Free

Kid-Approved | Family-Friendly | Nutrient-Dense | From Scratch

The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking teaches you how to

  • Maximize nutrient density in baked goods
  • Source keto-friendly ingredients
  • Decorate with ketogenic frostings and toppings
  • Adapt traditional recipes to ketogenic macronutrient ratios
  • Germinate nuts and seeds for optimal bioavailability and mouth feel
  • Prepare 100+ sweet and savory low-carb, high-fat, ketogenic baked goods
  • Mix and match flavors to inspire your own variations and adaptations

The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking has more than 100 recipes, many with full page, full color photographs. Each entry contains the serving size, prep and cook times, and complete macronutrient analysis calculated per serving to help you fluidly incorporated these recipes into your targeted daily intake.

You will find a combination of dairy-free and dairy optional recipes, freezer friendly, kid-approved and 30 minute meals. Of course, there are a number of recipes that present nicely for dinner parties and holiday occasions too.

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34 reviews for The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking: Sugar-Free, Grain-Free, Low-Carb and Ketogenic Recipes

  1. Lula

    The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking is a gift for anybody that loves to indulge in deliciousness while skipping on grains and sugar. This cookbook takes the guess work out of venturing into the often unexplored territory of super healthy treat making. My family is very grateful to have this resource in our kitchen. It has already made birthday celebrations sweeter and Sunday brunches just better! The recipes omit grains, but never nutrients nor flavor. It beautifully breaks down low carb baking to easy to digest morsels. Oh, and the pumpkins seed cupcakes are everything and more.

  2. Leonard (verified owner)

    This cookbook changed my ketogenic experience from nice and effective to absolutely phenomenal. The “guide” sections are informative and really are the building blocks to a easy and delicious keto-lifestyle and the recipes are easy to make, easy to modify and delicious.

  3. Heather (verified owner)

    This second book”The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking” is AMAZING. The layout for printing or using on your electronic device has greatly improved since the last book and that is the FIRST think I noticed. I can’t believe the number of recipes you get in this book and the amount of knowledge that Jessica is teaching. When you guys use the word “Ultimate” you really mean it. I now have options I can use for the holidays to keep myself on track with weight loss and not get derailed with traditional holiday carb loaded foods. My husband who is a carb junkie has even said “wow, you would never know this was low carb/keto friendly”. Just Amazing guys!!

  4. kitoi

    Happy to see a majority of recipes are nut free!!!

  5. Craig A. Manock

    Great job on the book and a special Thanks for developing healthy Keto friendly recipes. So many “keto” dessert and baking recipes are nothing more than rehashed carb loaded recipes that don’t provide the life giving nutrition that your recipes do. I have both books and they are both great. If you are the fence about buying just jump off and order.

  6. Ashley Sarmany (verified owner)

    Love this cookbook! One of my sons is ketogenic for therapeutic reasons and this cookbook has helped him exponentially. I’ve made treats for 2 class parties, the bread had become a staple in our home, and the shortbread cookies are in rolls in the freezer because the kids (and husband) request then so much. Thanks Jessica, you knocked this one out of the park! Could you make a natural health and beauty cookbook next? Xoxo

  7. Doug Peterson

    The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking is a fantastic resource for anyone on a keto diet. It gives easy to understand practical recipes. It is broken down to be not only be informative on the process of keto but also sections so if you are looking for a desert, bread (keto bread), seeds, breakfast, lunch and diner ideas and much more. It is a must have for anyone who wants to understand what real healthy Keto is all about… its not a cookbook with nothing but bacon lol

  8. Chase Blaha

    I used to think eating a low carb diet was boring, bland, and difficult UNTIL I found Primal Edge Health! This has brought so much flavor, excitement, and JOY to my diet and also my over-all day. This is an irreplaceable tool useful for anyone looking to have delicious healthy low-carb snacks. The best part…. my kids LOVE IT!!!

  9. Isabel Corona

    This is a great book , have tried a few recipes. I absolutely love how awesome everything taste , most of my family and friends have also enjoyed what I made &share . Your site is incredible I follow on YouTube to learn more about ketogenic. This is my first year learning and have had great results in my everyday life . Training as an athlete becoming leaner and stronger in mindset .

  10. Bekki Boo

    Been on Keto for over 6 months now and was looking for some inspiration in the kitchen which was delicious, simple and pure Keto. Came across your YouTube videos and was hooked. I absolutely love, love, love your Ketogenic Cookbook (2nd Edition). I especially love how all the recipes only require simple ingredients nothing fancy and which most of us have in our kitchen cupboards /fridges. My husband is constantly asking me to make him Keto flatbreads (which he takes to work daily). My most favourite and used parts of the cookbook are the eggs, vegetables and meat sections although I still haven’t gotten around to making the famous ‘mama’s best meatballs!! (Can you believe that!!) … The love you have as a family is evident in how well put together this cookbook is. Thanks Tristan and Jessica 🙂

  11. Elizabeth (verified owner)

    This is the best low-carb baking guide EVER!!! Every recipe that I have tried has been fantastic! I’ve brought my baked goods to all sorts of potlucks and people are blown away. Everyone keeps asking me for my recipes. I of course, direct them to your website. Even my husband who knows that it is low-carb, asks me “Are you sure this is keto? It doesn’t taste keto?” This is a great guide for people regardless of whether or not they are keto. The recipes are so healthy and delicious. I can feed the baked goods to my child because they are so nutritious and don’t have processed sugars or other nasty things in them. Thank you for creating this wonderful manual that everyone can use!

  12. Erland

    This is a great book! It has helped me greatly in transitioning my family into a primal way of eating. I highly recommend anyone looking for great healthy recipes to buy this book!

  13. Robin Schildt (verified owner)

    I have tried several of the cookie and cake recipes! The carrot cake is to die for! I made it the first time and it was demolished by my family! I made it the second time the next day and same result! I have tried the Shortbread, Macadamia Nut Butter, Chocolate Chip Zucchini cookies and I have to admit they are all very moist, tasty and so much better than any carb loaded cookie out there! It is a great time to have these recipes out during the holiday season. I usually make zucchini bread for everyone right after thanksgiving (about 10 loaves). I will be making the Zucchini Walnut Loaf this year! I’m so excited to give my family a taste of healthy for the holiday season and beyond! Looking through the book, I will now start in on the breakfast treats! Pancakes, Crepes, French Toast, Scones, Muffins oh where to start! Oh yes, I can’t get enough of the Cheesy Broccoli Garlic Sticks! “The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking” has given me a renewed motivation to continue on a Ketogenic way of life! No other cooking guide gives so much knowledge on how to maximize taste in cooking and baking! Great for someone like me who is pre-diabetic (need low to no sugar with complex carbs) and has ulcerative colitis (little to no gluten and GMOs) . This book is more than just a cookbook. It is a teaching guide with simple easy to follow recipes and the use of spices matches no other I have ever found! The “Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking is an excellent compliment to your other book “The Ketogenic-Edge-Cookbook!” With both there is no way anyone can go wrong when living a Ketogenic lifestyle! Thank you Jessica for sharing your knowledge. Happy Holidays to your whole family!

  14. Miguel (verified owner)

    ”The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking” is the best resource that I’ve found for keto recipes! The book is amazing and very easy to follow. Great work!

  15. JENNIFER MCADAM (verified owner)

    This cookbook was game changer for me. Cheating has not entered my mind with Keto and having these fantastic recipes,
    has me making the best bread, cheesecake.chocolate brownies and slices.
    Do yourself a service and get the cookbook you will use, its not a cookbook that’s left on the shelf to gather dust.

  16. Mary Keapproth

    The Newest book: “The Ultimate guide to Low-Carb Baking” is the most complete recipe book for Keto baking I have read. I am so happy with both books and they exceeded my expectations by 100%.??I need no other recipe book.

  17. Mike (verified owner)

    The carrot cake with butter cream frosting is rocking my world. I made 2 of them, then decided to go for broke and make a double layer cake. Amazing!!! Finally I have a sugar-free low carb alternative that will help me resist those intense cravings to hit up the milkshake place (you know the one) during Happy Hour when shakes are half price. That used to be my achilles heel, but with one of Jessica’s recipes sitting on the counter I don’t make it out the door when the cravings hit. And especially now with Thanksgiving and then Christmas coming up, my waistline thanks you!

  18. Natalie (verified owner)

    This book is full of THE most amazing Low-Carb Baking recipes I have come across. It has renewed my enthusiasm for baking again as going keto/low-carb it can be hard to find quality recipes. I think I have baked from this book every day since I purchased it. There is not a recipe that we don’t love. Jessica is an absolute star at what she does and am so very grateful that these guy share all their glorious food with the world. Tristan, Jessica and family I wish you all the love in the world for what you stand for and for being so open and sharing everything you have learnt.

  19. KAREN Lamb

    This cookbook is awesome! Great tasting recipes and easy to make. Love it!

  20. Jafar Calley (verified owner)

    Since getting The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking, I’ve been taking over the kitchen in baking frenzies.
    My kids love being the subjects of my kitchen experiments, and they are indeed Kid Approved ™ recipes.
    Especially that Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting. OMG, pure genius!

    The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking is the best excuse you can have for going over your calorie limits because it’s all healthy, nutrient dense, whole foods anyway! 😉

  21. Kaori (verified owner)

    I have so far tried making the carrot cake and blackberry lime cookie recipes. Both came out great, and I am now looking forward to making the coconut flour bread. Great recipes that aren’t too fancy pancy but still look and taste something special. Worth the buy!

  22. Steven Kelley (verified owner)

    Excellent help for those having trouble sticking to keto. Just the recipes to get over that hump!!!

  23. Nicki Worthey

    This is a great cookbook… introduced me to some wonderful foods And love the macro counts❤️??

  24. Ginette (verified owner)

    Hi Jessica and Tristan. The 2 books are wonderfull!!! I tried the “all purpose keto bread”, the best bread I ever tried. I did sandwich, french toast, grilled cheese… It help me stay on track. Great teaching guide. The recipes are easy to follow and very tasty. Thank you.

  25. Sue (verified owner)

    I have both books, hate “cooking” in general, but both of these books have made it fun and enjoyable for me plus everything tastes great!!

  26. Danette (verified owner)

    I finally got to try a recipe from my Ultimate Guide to Low Carb Baking because I had to wait to get in the psyllium powder as I mostly get my organic supplies online, our stores don’t carry special ingredients, anyway, I started with the Keto bread. I loved it but mostly because I don’t feel guilty eating it. It was a little eggy tasting but I’m really considering using it for my dressing this Thanksgiving. Jessica, I love the way you explain everything about those ingredients in the beginning of the book, you did an excellent job, so informative. I’d never heard of Lakanto and now it’s in my pantry so I’m ready to try those lemon bars tonight! Now if I could just get the beer out of my diet, I came really close to adding a little to the bread!

  27. Gary Bachara

    Nice easy to follow guide even for the single guy who can’t cook. Good recipes. Callorie intake help and much more. And a nice couple to support with purchase. Thanks for the enthusiasm.

  28. GD Schumacher (verified owner)

    I’ve been trying Keto baked goods for a while now-none of them highly successful as they were all too eggy or just too much work. I’m a trained professional chef so I don’t mind doing the work if the outcome is worth it. Jessica’s recipes are super easy and super delicious. The zucchini chocolate chip cookies are a mainstay in our home now and they have replaced my daughte’s Oreos! I was very dubious of the bread as I have not many any Keto bread that I liked (and I was a major bread baker at home). This one is a winner! Last night I just made the carrot cake and that too is a winner- I didn’t even make the frosting for it! I gave this book to both my twin (who is managing diabetes really well on Keto) and my sister who is a a former restaurant owner and foodies. They both are enjoying the book as well. It’s so nice to have low carb options on this WOE- it allows us to have nutrient dense, delicious treats that are within allowable macros. The only issues I’ve had and I’m not sure if it’s due to the difference in altitude is that the timing/temps are off a bit. I usually put the heat up to 350 degrees if it says 325 and I always seem to need an extra 10 minutes or so on baking time. Other than that-it’s spot on! Thank You!

    • Jessica Haggard

      WOW! Zucchini Chocolate Chip Cookies over Oreos, what a win! Thank you for sharing your thoughts on the baking time, I hope your insight guides others in their baking process.

  29. Paul Lucas (verified owner)

    What a collection! I’ve already tried several recipes and the first bread recipe holds together so well. I’ve made French toast with it and it came out perfect! You’ve got to get this book!

  30. Caitlin

    The ultimate guide to low-carb baking has been an important component in moving over to healthy wholesome treats. For someone like me who has a sweet tooth, it is great to find recipes that satisfy the sweet and leave me feeling satiated with no guilt! This book also contains the staples- hello keto bread!!

  31. Susie (verified owner)

    Hi Jessica and Tristan. Love your family and your YouTube content. I’ve been keto for almost a year, hubby got on board four months ago. The baking cookbook…. Amazing. So much bang for the buck! I am so excited to try more of these recipes. Make the chocolate chip zucchini cookies for my husband and he announced last night that he ate the last one so I better make another batch asap! The book is awesome and I can’t wait to make goodies for upcoming holiday get-togethers and every day to stay on track. Want to get the kids on board as well, so really looking forward to using this in many positive ways. Thank you for the great work.

  32. Bobby Platz (verified owner)

    Tristan and Jessica. Five stars for work on the cook books. The Ultimate Guide to Low Carb Baking is the perfect compliment to The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook. Anyone living a keto lifestyle should have these in their “keto toolbox “. Thanks for your passion. I use the videos on your YouTube channel to answer questions I have concerning my own journey on keto. Keep up the great work.

    Bobby Platz

    Laurelville Ohio

  33. Emily Linso – kickassketo

    Hands down, my favorite baking book, ever. I’ve learned so much from Jessica’s baking tips and recipes. There are so many delicious recipes in this book, but I also gained the knowledge and tools to make my own recipes better. Such an inspiration. ????

  34. Diesel (verified owner)

    Amazing book, great value and the recipes are far superior to anything I’ve tried before. Even our super-picky 8 year old loves them. Thanks for all your hard work Jessica!

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