The Primal Edge Health Recommended Reading List

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Let the Primal Edge Health Recommended Reading List guide you through greater self-education on the topics of diet, nutrition, history, philosophy, and worldview formation. These books are hand-picked by us as quality resources to teach you more about the nuances of health. Each book informs a different aspect of the body, mind, and soul.

An essential reading list on books with the title low carb diet and animal based nutrition.

Informative Books about Health and Nutrition

We can get many positive health improvements just by making simple dietary changes. We work with clients all over the world and it never fails to impress us just how profound the low-carb, keto diet can be.

From decreasing inflammation and eradicating joint pain, to healing chronic injuries, to breaking month-long plateaus diet, along with important lifestyle factors, can have a significant impact on our health.

In addition to a general low-carb diet, the carnivore diet is proving to be a highly effective reset for people with long-term chronic autoimmune and digestive conditions.

We want to see everyone take their health back and feel good in their bodies. Learning how our bodies work, what kind of food we are should be eating, and how to cook that food will lead to a better understanding of our physiology. With a solid view of what we need and how to move forward, it’s easy to take responsibility for our health and make the changes needed to achieve long-term success.

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Recommended reading list for books on low-carb dieting, animal-based nutrition, holistic health, history of modern food and more.

We are more than what we eat

Because we have a holistic view of health, we know we are more than just what goes in our mouth. To be a fully healthy, thriving human being, we need to have an honest understanding of reality and stand rooted in a non-contradictory worldview.

For many of us, learning about diet and debunking many of the nutritional myths like vegetables being the best thing for you ever (when they may not be) and other keto diet misconceptions is a gateway down the rabbit hole of dietary dogma and nutritional propaganda. There is a messy web of contradictory studies, conflicts of interest, lobbying efforts and big money business that influences what we, as a general population, are taught about nutrition.

The natural progression of coming across this knowledge is to extrapolate out and consider other aspects of modern society and wonder if there is a similar muddying of the waters in those areas also. How do we know what we know? Who is writing the narrative? How are our social norms established? Why is the modern world the way it is?

Read on, dear one.

We discuss such topics extensively and reference further reading material in our live streams and long format podcasts on the Primal Edge Health youtube channel. I’ve selected the most often referred sources and included the titles in the collection below.

Primal Edge Health Recommended Reading List

New Year’s Resolution: I want to read more

What this a resolution on your list?

Reading at night is a great way to calm down after a busy day, get off electronic devices and away from artificial light. I may lead to better quality sleep!

If your goal was to read more this year, pick up any of these books­ and dedicate time to empowering yourself with the tools and understanding to better take responsibility for your life.

Reforming old habits and making new ones takes work, time, and focus.

To have the most success, make realistic goals, that you can stick to. You’re not going to do yourself or anyone else any favors but setting lofty goals that sound nice but can never be met.

The science behind habit formation is quite interesting, it explains a lot about why it can be hard to stick with new habits. Just like in the gym, habits take time to train and knowing how to fix them can make a world of difference!

While you are working to improve your own habits, think of the rest of your family and help kids learn healthy habits too.

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  1. This is a long list of recommendations. I’m glad to see it bc it’s exciting to me to learn the “why” and the “what for.”
    I recently heard Mr. Haggard on the Revero podcast. After digging through your blog and podcasts, I’ve appreciated the emphasis Primal Edge Health places on thinking and working for oneself.
    Keep up the good work.

    • Thank you for the kind feedback, Nik! I’m so glad you’re finding our work useful. There are lots of great books here. If you like Tristan’s podcast, you’ll enjoy these books too!


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