Mountain Rose Herbs: Are they Good? (Honest Review)

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This review of Mountain Rose Herbs examines the quality of their product, variety of options, price, business practices, online presence, and customer service.

It’s no secret that having quality herbs and spices in your kitchen makes a huge impact on your cooking.

Overly dry, old, or stale seasonings fall flat and are a big disappointment. You want to bring a vibrant flavor to your food and that’s why fresh, organic, quality ingredients matter.

Years ago I set out to learn how to cook from scratch, save money and minimize the amount of exposure to toxic chemicals my family comes into contact with. I caught on pretty quick to the basics of what needs to be done and haven’t looked back since.

The Oregon based company called Mountain Rose Herbs has one of my greatest allies along the way.

They carry many of the products I need for spice blends, rubs, dressings, and daily cooking as well as specialty ingredients for DIY beauty and personal care items like homemade toothpaste, all-purpose cleaner, and skin balm.

After using them personally for so many years, Mountain Rose Herbs now sponsors my work at Primal Edge Health. I’m delighted to link up with such a reputable company and want to help spread awareness about all that they stand for and have to offer.

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Mountain Rose Herbs – My Review

Quality of Product: Organic & Fair Trade

Tumeric powder and herbs on a blue background.

This is the no. 1 thing I consider when shopping around. I want the good stuff!

Mountain Rose Herbs is committed to carrying a selection of certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild-harvested, and Kosher certified products.

Organic certified botanical ingredients are always prioritized. When they are unavailable, alternative options like ethically wildcrafted or grown without chemical intervention are offered.

Their bold commitment to organics promises, “that no conventionally grown herb, spice, or tea will enter our facilities”. The seriousness of this claim is foremost when they review plant materials and harvesting sites and make contracts with family farmers.

You can learn more detailed information about sourcing, testing, handling, and industry involvement through the links in the footer of their website.

Variety of Options: Herbs, Spices, Tea, Essential Oils, and more

Their online store is a one stop shop for home and professional chefs, as well as those interested in aromatherapy and botanical medicine.

With a full A-Z list of dried herbs and spices, specialty seasonings, and other fun ingredients like gourmet salts and peppercorn, seaweeds, and sprouting seeds you can find all you need for a well-stocked spice cabinet.

Mountain Rose also carries just about everything you need to make your own beauty and personal care products (to sell or for personal use) like fresh-pressed oils, hydrosols, butters, clays, wax, and containers of all sizes.

I appreciate being able to select the amount of product I want. Everything is available on a scale individual units (like 1 ounce) up to bulk quantities (usually of 1 pound, but in some cases 5 pounds).

mountain rose herbs essential oils review

Price: Coupon and Promo Codes

When comparing the prices of Mountain Rose products with other companies within the same niche, there is reasonable similarity.

It’s commonly accepted that higher quality items come with a higher price tag. However, Mountain Rose shows otherwise. They stay competitive while at the same time offering better quality and a deeper engagement with their community than most other brands.

There are no promo codes or coupons. One of the reasons they don’t offer these or run big site-wide sales is because their pricing structure is tight. Their claim is that they offer honest prices without an inflated retail value that can later be cut for promotion.

The best ways to save some money are to shop through the monthly sale and clearance items and take advantage of the discounts given for purchasing in bulk.

Business Practices: Transparency, Ethics, and Stewardship

The goal behind all their actions is to “do what’s right” by putting “people, plants, and planet over profit”.

Mountain Rose Herbs engages in many environmental stewardship programs and business choices as proof of their commitment to positive business practices.

They are known to

  • Participate in multiple restoration campaigns through their Paid Time for Community Involvement Program (learn about their river project here)
  • Support 50+ local and national nonprofit organizations annually through charitable giving, event sponsorships, in-kind donations, matching gifts, conservation work, and plant-related projects (complete list and details here)
  • Implement a multi-pronged approach to decrease energy consumption and function on 100% renewable energy (details here)
  • Package and ship orders with recycled and/or eco-friendly materials (details on packing here)
  • Publicly publish annual Sustainability Reports detailing various ways they improve their environmental and social impact (yearly reports here)

Mountain Rose Herbs has been publicly recognized and awarded numerous honors year after year.

Some titles include:

  • USDA & Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
  • Non-GMO Project Certification of Compliance
  • Fair for Life and For Life Social responsibility Certification
  • Earth Kosher with “Pareve” status
  • Salmon-Safe Certified (read about it here)
  • EarthShare Oregon business member
  • Zero Waste Platinum Certified from Green Business Certification (Inspiring examples of how they improve their waste management program)
  • CarbonFund
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Branding: Website, Social Media & Blog

For a company that sells so many different items, its website is unusually well organized, visually charming and user-friendly. Product categories are easy to navigate to find whatever you are looking for.

When you order, you may opt-in to receive a product catalog. This is like a seasonal magazine with recipes and tutorials relevant to that particular time of the year. Their printed materials are compact and to the point, yet provide in-depth information without pushing to the point of overwhelm. I can’t help but feel inspired after reading the latest issue!

mountain rose essential oils review

Mountain Rose Herbs has a strong presence across all social media platforms and regularly post recipes and tips on their blog and email newsletter (which is really worth signing up for.).

You’ll love the creative ideas they share and the quirky style they impart to their branding.

MRH also provides a lot of educational resources:

Customer Service and Communication

In my experience, their customer service has always been excellent.

Whenever I need to change or update an order I call the customer service line and get to a person right away.

One time they sent the wrong item in my order. It was something to the effect of sending me tarragon essential oil when I ordered thyme. The product was alphabetically next to the other on the warehouse shelf and it just human error to pick the wrong bottle. I wrote to them via email, they responded right away offering to let me keep the extra product and send out the correct item immediately.

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Mountain Rose Controversy

Personally, I have no complaints, however, as I researched for this review, I read about a handful of other people having issues.

People listed slow response time, out of stock products, shipping delays and order confusion as the reasons they weren’t happy with their shopping experience.

The strongest point of contention seems to be over their shipping options. Rates are calculated directly from UPS and may take up to 1-2 weeks to arrive. This might come as a shock for those who are trained by Amazon’s promise of next day free shipping.

The MRH policy on this is as follows

We have maintained the lowest possible prices for our products and continue to lower our prices whenever we can, but rather than subsidizing the cost of the shipping within our product pricing and offering free or reduced shipping rates, we opt for a more transparent pricing system.”

You can decide for yourself if the trade off of supporting a company like this and getting quality products you can trust is worth waiting a little longer than usual for your order.

I don’t know the extent of the other service complaints; is it just internet chatter or real problem? Could there have been a weak link in the team that has since been changed and adjusted? It’s entirely possible.

I want to be transparent with the Primal Edge Health readers and say that complaints are part of the discussion when it comes to an honest review.

But can’t that be said for any business? It’s hard to please everyone, all the time.

Take Away Points and Overall Ratings

Based on the above review on Mountain Rose Herbs, I give the following ratings.

Quality of Product 5/5

  • Certified organic, fair trade, ethically wild-harvested, and Kosher certified products.

Variety of Options 5/5

  • Full selection for the home and professional chef
  • All you need for DIY beauty, personal care, and home cleaners
  • Products for those interested in aromatherapy and botanical medicine
  • Option to buy different sizes of any given product (ex: increments between 1 ounce to 1 pound)

Price 4/5

  • Competitive pricing
  • Honest mark up; no discount or coupon codes
  • Clearance items and savings available when buying in bulk

Business Practices 5/5

  • Participates in environmental protection and restoration campaigns
  • Engaged in the local community; supports local and regional nonprofits
  • Uses renewable energy when possible
  • Elects recycled packaging

Branding 5/5

  • User-friendly shopping experience; easy to navigate website
  • Share inspiring (and pretty to look at) recipes and practical tips online for free

Customer Service 4/5

  • My personal experience has always been positive, friendly and quick; some people would disagree (but I don’t know them)
  • Shipping via UPS; can take up to 1-2 weeks for delivery

My goal is always to use and recommend only the highest quality products from companies that I wholly trust and fully support.

Quality control, organic and fair trade standards, and responsible sourcing are all things I care deeply about when considering which companies to work with.

In the decade that I have been shopping with Mountain Rose, I have seen them maintain a high commitment to environmental stewardship and transparent business practices and believe they are a business worth supporting.

If you enjoy supporting companies like this, consider making your next order for organic botanical products like herbs, spices, teas, and essential oils with Mountain Rose Herbs.

What recipes can I make with bulk herbs and spices?

Once you start thinking, you are sure to discover many wonderful ways to use herbs and spices for seasoning blends, dry rubs, herb salt, and homemade beauty and personal care.

For homemade spice blends, I order these in bulk

Image from Keto Cooking Christian

You’ll want to have these ingredients on hand to make these delicious spice blends and dry rubs!

I love using these in easy keto recipes. My keto diet has never been easier!

Mustard Dry Rub – A mustard dry rub that not only works for chicken and pork – but is great for steaks, too! Perfect for the grilling season and very low in carbs.

Low-Carb Taco Seasoning – An easy low carb taco seasoning mix to add Southwest flavor into your dishes. It’s great to keep on hand for taco dishes too!

Cajun Seasoning – Add a kick of spicy flavor to any dish using this homemade Cajun seasoning!

Homemade Ranch Seasoning – This mix is a staple in the kitchen and it tastes so much better than store-bought.

Rosemary, Orange & Thyme Herb Salt – Learn how to make a simple citrus & herb-infused salt flavored with fresh rosemary, orange & thyme. It’s perfect for seasoning & finishing foods like poultry, fish & vegetables and makes a wonderful homemade gift for the foodies in your life.

For DIY beauty and personal care I use

A bowl of cold process soap on top of a table.

These ingredients are valuable for beauty and personal care products. Try your hand at something new today!

Simple Tallow Balm (for All Skin Types) – Make a Simple Tallow Balm in 3 easy steps. The whipped spread is a luxurious all-purpose DIY lotion for legs, arms, and face.

Kid-Friendly Toothpaste – Save some money and reduce toxic load with a creamy smooth DIY homemade toothpaste recipe that will leave your mouth minty fresh.

Cold Process Soap for Beginners – Making soap is a fun, creative and healthy way to do something nice for yourself (and others). A Cold Process Soap Recipe for Beginners is the perfect place to start and gain soap making confidence before diving into the next level!

Herbal Bath Tea – These wonderful herbal bath soaks are great fun to make, fabulous for your health and well-being and can be tailored to suit the recipient

Sleepy Time Bath Tea – This make-ahead herbal bath tea is just what you need after a long day. With chamomile and lavender in the mix, you’ll be soaking the day’s worries away and preparing for a great night’s sleep.

These are the bulk ingredients I stock up on for skin care and laundry

I hope this review of Mountain Rose Herbs is helpful to you. Online reviews can be a good way to learn about new companies and dig a little deeper into the driving principles behind a business.

I believe in the power of voting with my dollar, buying in bulk, and DIYing whenever possible! For me, Mountain Rose Herbs is a clear winner.

The best source for botanicals online.

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