Using a Ketogenic Diet to Get Lean and Ripped

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The keto diet is getting lots of attention as a fat loss solution, helping people get lean and ripped in an enjoyable way.

Keto style diets can be a highly effective way to shed bodyfat and maintain lean muscle mass while improving health and biomarkers and it’s not just a fad- low carb diets have been used to lose body fat for hundreds of years.

Let’s talk about the basics.  Without getting too much into the many health benefits that a ketogenic diet may offer, we will keep our focus on keto for body composition and fat loss.

getting ripped on keto
A ketogenic plate with eggs, broccoli and meat for those aiming to get lean.

What is a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is a low carbohydrate diet where the body relies on fat for fuel rather than glucose.  It is a low-carb, high-fat, moderate protein diet (depending on the individual and goals, 1-2 g/kg of lean body mass in protein per day is usually adequate).  When carbohydrates are restricted (for many people below 50 grams per day of net carbs, carb tolerance for ketosis varies for all individuals) and the bodys glycogen is depleted, the liver begins creating ketone bodies out of fatty acids to fuel the brain.  These ketones can be measured with ketone strips on a blood glucometer- over .5mmol/liter is considered “ketosis”.  The small amount of glucose necessary for certain parts of the brain can be synthesized from amino acids and the body switches to burning fat, rather than glucose, as the primary fuel – this state is called nutritional ketosis and is a normal, safe physiological state.

how to get ripped on keto diet

What are the benefits of a ketogenic diet?

There are many ways to lose bodyfat, and the best method for getting lean is the method that is sustainable and healthy (physically and psychologically) for each individual in the long term…for many, keto is a great way to lose body fat and get ripped and lean, here’s why

  •  A ketogenic diet is very satiating.  The protein and fat bring high levels of satiety and decrease hunger, this makes dieting down and getting leaner easy for many people because once you are adapted to a fat based metabolism your blood sugar is more stable and is insulin is low, this makes it very easy to restrict calories and tap into body for for energy.
  • By cutting out “trigger foods” (for me it was the pastries and sweets) that spark cravings and hunger you are eliminating a major source of excess calories in the diet and after an adaptation period you may not experience the cravings you once did.  This can be beneficial in the long run because if you do occasionally eat some of your trigger foods (let’s face it, for most people these are sweet carbs) you can exert some will power and self control and not give into binging.
  • Ketosis is muscle sparing.  Assuming the body is given adequate protein, very low carbohydrate diets seem to be very protective of skeletal muscle tissue and can even stimulate muscle protein synthesis.  The mechanism behind the muscle sparing effects that ketosis seems to bring are not known, but it is likely that the availability of fuel for muscle tissue (free fatty acids) likely inhibit the catabolism of muscle into glucose.
  • For many, a ketogenic diet is very easy to maintain long term.  Your body adapts to the healthy fats and protein and your palate comes to crave savory foods.
  • After becoming well adapted to the metabolic pathway, many people experience increased mental clarity and sustained energy levels.
  • There are a wide array of potential health benefits to a ketogenic diet that are now being studied including neuroprotective effects.  A ketogenic diet is even being looked at as a possible dietary intervention to treat bipolar disorder.  Many people experience improved cognition and mood when they switch to a fat based metabolism and research is emerging that suggests a ketogenic diet may be an effective treatment for several neurological and even psychological issues.  A keto diet won’t magically make you a happier person, but many report that it seems to improve quality of life and mental clarity. 
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What are the drawbacks of a ketogenic diet?

A ketogenic diet is not ideal for everyone, there is no single “best way” to lose body fat and get ripped – the best diet for YOU is the one that you can maintain and even enjoy.   Here’s why keto may not be for you

  • It takes a bit of time to adapt to ketosis.  For many, entering ketosis happens very quickly and they feel great on a high fat low carb diet – for others, it can be a difficult transition.
  • Strength can temporarily decrease as you adapt and deplete glycogen stores.  This is transient and strength will return, but this adaptation phase can make many decide it just isn’t worth the effort.  I have added strength to all my lifts while in deep ketosis, and many others are also able to build muscle and decrease body fat percentage on longer body recomps in ketosis, but the adaptation period can put many off.  Adaptation is key, but it takes a bit of time and dedication.
  • As you dump water weight in the beginning you lose electrolytes – maintaining electrolyte levels with magnesium, potassium, and unrefined sea salt is necessary and will help you adapt smoothly.
  • If your sweet tooth is stronger than your desire to lose fat, it won’t work very well!  Many employ refeeds and a cyclical ketogenic diet with 6 days very low carb and 1 day high carb, and this can work very well for some, but I recommend either giving the body enough carbs to fuel it or restricting carbs enough so you adapt to ketosis and use fat for fuel- the “limbo” zone between the two metabolic substrates is not fun. Changing metabolic states with light cycles (aka the seasons) also can be very effective and healthy for maintaining circadian rhythms, but switching in and out of ketosis all the time can result in alot of “foggy” days when in between metabolic states.
  • Some people just don’t respond well to a ketogenic diet!   There are people who have trouble adapting to low carb eating – this can be for a plethora of reasons (including environmental) but for some people, carbs are preferred and cutting them out just doesn’t work.  There is no one size fits all method for achieving your physique goals – if psychologically it is just unbearable to cut carbs, then keto isn’t for you.  Low carb isn’t for everyone.  I put clients on higher carb diets often, just because keto works for me does not mean it is ideal for everyone’s physique goals.  I would still recommend not cutting fat too low when using a carb based diet to lean out because certain fats, namely DHA, are crucial for health.

So, there it is – ketogenic diets can be very effective for getting shredded and losing body fat, but it’s not one size fits all.

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12 thoughts on “Using a Ketogenic Diet to Get Lean and Ripped”

  1. Tristan, your site and YouTube channel have been awesome finds for me. I’d already found some great sites and channels, but you have a “no-bs” and straightforward way of breaking things down Barney-style. My wife teaches High School English, and is loathe to start a keto diet now (actually, she’s always loathe to start one; she’s borderline hypoglycemic and is convinced keto won’t work for her) but she’s seen the progress I’ve made (20 lb weight loss since September) and is willing to give it a try when summer hits. I’m going to insure she watches all the videos and reads all the articles you and your wife have provided for free. I plan to purchase your cookbook, so that’s another tool I’ll have in the toolbox! I just wanted to take the time to thankyou for the work you and Jessica have put in to all of this. I can’t begin to tell you how helpful it’s been and how much I appreciate it.

  2. Hi Tristan and Jessica, I am new to the Keto Diet. I have been eating Keto for about 6 weeks now. So far I am loving it. I have Celiac Disease, so going Keto now hasn’t been as much of a change to my way of eating as it would have been 8 years ago when I found out I have Celiac Disease. I have to say that I love your videos and the website. I just have one question; I am a runner….I am running in a half marathon in October….it is my first one and many people have told me to make sure I have something with me to eat part way through my run. Is there anything that you would recommend as a low card snack that I can put in my running pack for during the run?

    • Thanks for the question, please come to our next live hangout and Q&A and ask it again there. You can sign up for our newsletter and be notified before the time or keep you eyes on our facebook page to see when the next one is.

  3. Hi Tristian.. love your yt ch, and life style and support for your local environment. My questions is, I’ve been trying to keto adapt for 2 weeks doing 80%fat 15%protein 5% carbs..and the first week was really crappy felt weak and ill…one night i woke up and had really bad diarrhea ..and vomiting. Now beginning week 3 and still have diarrhea sometimes…not sure why, i usually never do. Could this eating style be causing it? Also im not super over weight weigh 144 want to lose 15 pounds, im 5 feet 4 inches…i work out 4 to 5 times a week with weights..heavy..i had a break from lifting and gained bodyfat which changed my body composition..i use to weigh 140 with 19% bf…now im like 28 and thats why im desperate to find a diet that can help cut fat faster…also i didnt mention i love Vodka and have acople drinks daily with diet mixers will this not allow for keto adaptation? Thanks for the support!?

    • You can have alcohol and still find success with Keto adaptation. Avoid the sugary syrups and sodas – drink straight alcohol like a vodka tonic, whiskey on ice, etc.

  4. Hey Tristan, I just discovered your blog and I really like what you’re doing, so keep up the good work, man. I’m sorry If my english sounds strange but I am from Austria (no, not Australia, no Kangaroos here^^). I started eating hflc a year ago for various reasons (fatique, IBS – diarrhea, Insulin resistance) and I became healthy again and was feeling better within a week;) Probably because i ditched grains, wheat, milk and sugar as well. It was quite hard at the beginning, had to learn how to cook^^

    I do have a question that is on my mind for quite a long time, maybe you can help. I lost a lot of weight on the lchf diet, which was never my intention, because I was already very slim but with high body fat. Now that I lost all my fat I’m quite skinny although I’m not in a calorie deficite. I eat various meats, lots of fat (mostly ghee – up to 100g+ a day) and lots of vegetables. Sometimes I think about adding more carbs to just gain a bit of weight.

    Sometimes I’m constipated and am tired in the afternoon and having cold/dry hands, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was before.
    Do you think adding more carbs will help? I know I have to try out for myself but I just want some opinion from someone who is thriving on a keto diet 😉 My Naturopath says that Keto Diet is the way to go for me and things will get better with time passing, but I don’t know for sure.

    Second question, maybe a bit silly? What is your blood type? I know that the Blood type diet might be wrong, but some blood types have mor stomach acid than others and can digest meat better. I’m type A.

    Thank you very much! I’m going to try your muffins tomorrow.


    • Hi Sebastian, Sounds like there could be a variety of factors influencing your situation. It is difficult to give proper responses to questions like these without having a more in depth conversation. It can take lots of experimentation before finding the right combination of things and the body has adapted to all the changes. We invite people to ask questions in the ongoing Q&A post on the Primal Edge Health Facebook page. We go through at least once a month and answer all the questions to the best of our ability. There is one coming up, I’ll try to remember to add in the question about blood type. Wishing you well, hope you like the muffins!

  5. Yes Tristan I have recently discovered you & your awesome familia!!! Love the lifestyle, love the connection w your wife & your daughter is wayyyy adorable! How blessed our we that you share your knowledge!!! Family too! Making bone broth soon & believe I am now in ketosis!! Feel like a million bucks. Sick & all!!! Woohoo! Blessings 🙂

  6. Tristan, I am so excited for you that your youtube has grown into this site and all of the greatness that you have to offer. Thanks to you I am a loyal bone broth-er and a keto in-process. Thank you for all of your help! You and your family Rock!


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