24 Guilt-Free Keto Chocolate Recipes to Enjoy

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This collection of sugar free, gluten free, & keto chocolate recipes has all the variety you could possibly want! You’ll love this round-up of the best low carb keto chocolate candies that are totally guilt-free!


Once you learn how to make it right, chocolate can have a place in a well-formulated keto diet. Afterall, cacao isn’t the problem – it’s all the sugar that comes with it!

Cacao, or raw chocolate, is something I use quite often. You’ll see it listed as an ingredient in both of my cookbooks and in recipes like No-Churn Chocolate Keto Ice Cream and 10-minute Chocolate Keto Pudding.

Ingredients You Need for Keto Chocolate

Each of the recipes included below is different and unique but they all have more or less the same staple ingredients.

To make any truly delicious keto chocolate candy recipe you’ll need a handful of essential ingredients on hand.

  • Chocolate powder or paste (like baker’s chocolate but even better)
  • Fat (usually coconut oil, cacao butter, or nut butter)
  • Sweetener (I recommend Lakanto, use the code PRIMALEDGEHEALTH in the check out to get 20% off!)
  • Optional: a pinch of salt and a splash of vanilla extract

These are the necessary ingredients you’ll find in just about every low-carb chocolate recipe.

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The best cacao ingredients in the world

One of the joys of living abroad in Ecuador is getting to connect with local, small scale organic cacao farmers. Not all chocolate is created equal, the source of your ingredients is going to make a big difference in taste, texture, and nutrition!

We choose to work with Pacari Cacao who is known for their ethical business practices, permaculture production, and award-winning chocolate.

Buying the right brand is important when it comes to cacao, not all chocolate is created equal.

Learn more about the full story behind Pacari Cacao and why we love them so much. Once you see all the great things they do for their community, environment, and our taste buds, I have no doubt you will agree with me too!

Keto Chocolate Candy Recipes

Craving something sweet while staying true to your keto lifestyle? Get ready to indulge guilt-free with our collection of irresistible keto chocolate candy recipes. Here’s everything you need to satisfy your sweet tooth without derailing your diet. Grab your ingredients and let’s dive into the delicious world of keto chocolate treats!

Homemade peanut butter cups keto
3 Ingredient Keto Peanut Butter Cups
Enjoy these easy to make sugar-free, ketogenic chocolate peanut butter cups with only three ingredients. They are 100% guilt-free!
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Keto chocolate-covered caramel bars in a bowl with parchment paper.
Keto Copycat Twix Bars
My friend Sarah made these Keto Copycat Twix Bars which shows you can create anything on keto!
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Pieces of Keto Nutella Fat Bombs on a wooden board on a wooden surface.
Nutella Fudge Fat Bombs
Enjoy a rich and creamy ketogenic fudge textured with crunchy walnut pieces the next time you’re feeling like something sweet and
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Keto pecan turtles on a grey background.
Pecan Turtle Candy – Sugar Free!
Homemade pecan turtle candy that’s sugar-free and low carb? Oh baby! These delicious keto caramel pecan clusters are a truly special treat. Be ready to fight with your loved ones for the last of them!
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Keto peppermint patties in a glass bowl.
Keto Peppermint Patties with Dark Chocolate Shell
Dark chocolate covered keto peppermint patties are the best healthy replacement for a sugar-free, minty, York-like dessert.
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Mint chocolate truffles. OMG. Keto. Yum.
Mint Chocolate Keto Truffles
Mint Chocolate Keto Truffles with a secret ingredient. Make some easy Dairy Free, Sugar Free truffles without any food coloring needed!
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A batch of keto cacao butter recipe.
Walnut Cardamom Sugar-Free White Chocolate
This sugar-free white chocolate recipe takes a spin on traditional flavor combinations and emerges as a delicious ketogenic white chocolate recipe with hints of vanilla and cardamom.
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Keto peanut butter fudge on a piece of paper.
SunButter Chocolate Chip Fudge Recipe
If you’re looking for a grain free, low carb, and nearly sugar free treat, this SunButter Chocolate Chip Fudge is for you! This delicious treat is gluten free, vegan, peanut and soy free as well
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Sugar-free chocolate in white background.
Easy Sugar Free Chocolate Recipe with Almonds
An easy sugar free chocolate recipe is made with an all natural, zero carb sugar replacement. This makes it so friendly for keto dieters and diabetics alike!
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Keto chocolate coconut squares on a wooden cutting board.
Copycat Mounds Bar
WHAT?? A keto “mounds” bar? Well, a copycat mounds bar, that is. Filled with dark chocolate and coconut, just like you are used to but without all the sugar!
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Keto chocolate maca pieces cut in squares.
Energizing Maca Chocolate (Dairy-Free)
Fuel up on a dose of healthy fats in these sugar-free Energizing Maca Chocolates. Let the heritage maca root help you adapt to stress and manage the day with the cool, calm, collected attitude you aspire to!
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Pieces of chocolate truffles arranged in a white plate.
Low Carb White Chocolate Truffles
Make every day special with these low carb white chocolate truffles candy. Each truffle has a creamy soft filling covered in yummy dark chocolate.
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Mint chocolate bars in stack on top of a wooden board with yellow flowers on the background.
Nutrient Dense Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Bar
You won't regret making this minty fresh chocolate bar! It's packed with nutrient-dense ingredients like maca and collagen. Plus it's dairy-free and allowed on low-carb, keto, and paleo diets.
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Pecan brittle on a plate with cinnamon sticks.
Pecan Praline Bark – Keto and Low Carb
Low Carb and Keto friendly version of a classic praline bark, drizzle with sugar-free chocolate!
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Spirulina chocolate pieces covered in chocolate powder.
Spirulina Chocolate Bites
A smooth, sugar-free dark chocolate with “superfood” enhancements. Spirulina Chocolate Bites are small morsels of chocolatey goodness mixed with the potential power of spirulina.
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Chocolate raspberry keto fat bombs. Coffee with us.
Chocolate Raspberry Keto Fat Bombs
Chocolate Fat Bombs with Raspberry Filling are a sweet recipe for those on the Keto diet. Each piece is packed full of coconut oil, and stuffed with a layer of raspberry filling.
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A white plate with keto chocolate and oranges on it.
Keto Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Orange Truffles
Nothing beats a fresh chocolate truffle. These Keto Sugar Free Dark Chocolate Orange Truffles could fool even the staunchest keto diet denier. Smooth dark chocolate is molded around a creamy chocolate truffle center for one of the easiest low carb indulgences you will ever taste!
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Chocolate pistachio fat bomb.
Chocolate Pistachio Fat Bombs
Low Carb – High Fat pistachio chocolate fat bomb truffles for a ketogenic diet
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A stack of keto chocolate fudge on a cutting board.
Keto Fudge
A super easy refrigerator keto fudge recipe that only uses a few on-hand ingredients. This creamy, rich keto fudge recipe can be frozen and the recipe can be doubled or tripled.
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Keto chocolate peanut butter cups displayed on a white plate.
No-Bake Keto Chocolate Macadamia Cups
These No-Bake Keto Chocolate Macadamia Nut Fat Bombs are the perfect gluten-free & keto dessert or snack. Plus, you have 2 chocolate coating options to choose from based on how sweet you prefer them and how many carbs you want them to have!
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Keto chocolate and almond ricotta bars on a white plate.
No-Bake “Almond Joy” Bars
These No-Bake Almond Joy Bars are a coconut and chocolate lover's dream! They're easy to make, freeze well, and are loaded with healthy ingredients, plus they work for almost any special diet–they are low-carb, paleo and vegan too.
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Keto peanut butter ball fat bombs.
Keto Peanut Butter Cream Cheese Balls
These no bake low carb Cheesecake Keto Fat Bombs are the perfect dessert to help you curb cravings! Plus, they are so easy to make and help you from getting hungry too.
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This recipe and more low carb/keto at linneyville.com.
Chocolate Nut Bark
This Chocolate Nut Bark is sugar free, low carb and easy to make – literally in minutes. If you are on the keto diet, this is a must have keto recipe. This chocolate nut bark does the trick.
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Collage of two chocolate almond bars photos with one that has a bite on it.
Keto Dark Chocolate Fat Bombs with Almonds
A great keto fat bomb made from butter, cocoa, coconut oil, and almonds to keep on hand for that chocolate craving
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Keto chocolate peppermint bark on a red plate.
Keto Chocolate Peppermint Bark
Keto Chocolate Peppermint Bark: Four simple ingredients come together quickly to create a beautiful crowd pleasing treat you will be proud of! Bark is one of the easiest things to make!
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Keto Friendly Chocolate Fat Bombs, Truffles, Fudge, and Bark!

There you have it! 24 of the best keto chocolate recipes every made!

Enjoying these guilt-free desserts means you don’t have to worry about any hidden sugar, artificial flavorings, or weird preservatives.

If having a whole batch around is a little too much, pop half of them in your freezer to keep them safe for later.

From scratch, homemade food is always better. Now you see how easy it can be to make your own chocolate desserts.

More Keto Chocolate Recipes

24 keto chocolates. Truffles, fudge, cups and more.

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