The Story Behind Pacari Cacao

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We are sourcing USDA organic certified cacao products from Ecuador! We’ve linked up with Pacari cacao and are now offering award-winning chocolate products to our US audience.

Cacao is like wine, there is a spectrum of quality, taste and processing techniques that all contribute to the final product. Our cacao is some of the best in the world. This is a claim many people would like to make, but we actually took the time and energy to do this right and with a lot of patience, our efforts have paid off.

This is a long time dream of ours and we are so happy to be able to make this announcement!

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Pacari premium organic chocolate. From tree to bar.

Introducing: Pacari Chocolate

Pacari means “nature” in Quechua, the indigenous language of the central Andes in South America. The name was chosen to evoke everything that represents the quality and mind state behind this line of cacao products.

Pacari cacao is made exclusively from Arriba Nacional beans, an ancestral strain of Ecuadorian cacao, integral to the centuries of Ecuador’s cacao history. Our cacao products thrive in old growth cacao groves from the Guayas River Basin. This heritage seed is internationally known for its fine quality and fruity, floral flavor.

When you try Pacari cacao you are experiencing the highlights of what makes Ecuador so special – clean, organically grown food from small family farms.

Award-winning chocolate. Primal edge health.


In efforts to protect the cultural tradition of cacao farming and preserve old growth trees of unique lineage, Pacari pays fair wages for top dollar cacao products. Paying close attention to quality control, along with organic and biodynamic farming methods result in cacao products that are exemplary in flavor and nutrition.

The positive impact on social, economic and ecological systems is indicative of the importance placed on quality over quantity. Valuing work and cultural wisdom over a financial bottom line makes Pacari cacao unique in a market place where short cuts are so commonly taken.

Working with small-scale farmers ensures that the intimate relationship between farmer and land is promoted and respected. Holding sustainable and organic farming practices in high esteemed has positive, long-lasting affects that ripple through local and global communities.

Ketogenic chocolate bars pacari cacao.


As a symbol of farming excellence, Pacari cacao is Demeter Biodynamic Certified. The process of becoming Demeter Biodynamic Certified is above and beyond that of USDA organic standards. This prestigious mark is awarded to Pacari because the cacao farms maintain a self-regenerating ecosystem, free of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. Pacari farming practices actively conserve an ecological balance between animals, soil, plants and humans. With strict attention, Pacari farms ensure an unbroken chain of accountability from the farm to the finished product.

A bag of pacari organic cacao powder beside a bowl of organic cacao powder.

Pacari Cacao Products

All products are 100% natural and organically grown from small family farms. When you support us, you are also supporting an entire system that values the heritage, culture and sustainable farming practices that the Arriba Nacional cacao represents.

Cacao powder

Use in smoothies, cakes, cookies, homemade chocolate bars and even steak rubs. Shop here.

Cacao butter

Use in homemade chocolate recipes, body butter and cheesecake like the Dairy-Free Peanut Butter Cheesecake with Chocolate Pie Crust from The Ultimate Guide to Low-Carb Baking. I have more cacao butter recipes for a keto diet that you should try too.

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Cacao nibs

Add a chocolate chip-like crunch to smoothies, flatbreads, brownies, and homemade chocolates. Check out these delicious ways to use cacao nibs in keto recipes!

Shop here.

Cacao paste

Replace low-quality bakers chocolate with high-quality cacao paste in brownies, ganache, and ketogenic truffles. Shop here.

100% and 101% chocolate bars

Take these traveling or packed into a lunch for a quick and easy energy boost when you are out on-the-go. Shop here.

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