10 Cacao Butter Recipes for a Keto Diet

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Creamy keto cacao butter recipes are a great way to add a healthy source of fat to your diet.

Cacao butter has a mild chocolate flavor and white, yellow color that will instantly remind you of your favorite white chocolate bar.

It is a high-fat ingredient by nature which makes it perfect for easy keto recipes on a keto diet!

cacao butter recipes keto

What is Cacao Butter?

The Theobroma cacao tree produces a beautiful yellow, orange, and purple fruit pod. Inside this pod are seeds called cacao beans. The beans are the essential ingredient for making chocolate, so this is as close as you can get to having chocolate grow on trees.

A far cry from chocolate peanut butter cups dripping down like cherries, the bean is bitter and must be dried and fermented before eating.

This chocolate bean can make a few different foods: cacao paste, cacao powder, cacao butter, and cacao nibs. Cocoa butter, also called theobroma oil, comes about as the bean is pressed to separate the oil from the fiber (aka “powder”).

The pale-yellow, edible fat is used to make chocolate, as well as some ointments and cosmetics. Due to the emulsifying properties, it is an excellent ingredient for ketogenic chocolate recipes.

Cacao butter may also be used in equal amounts to make recipes dairy-free.

cocoa butter keto

Where Can I Buy Cacao Butter?

There is undoubtedly a dark side to the cacao industry. Scandals over child labor, poor working conditions, and toxic contamination of both the growing area and final cacao product make it evident that choosing a trustworthy source is important.

We’ve linked up with Pacari Cacao, an award-winning, biodynamic, and organic cacao farm near us in Ecuador. Having our feet on the ground here in Ecuador has given us greater insight behind the scenes of the cacao industry. Mega and low-quality producers cut corners in ways you would never imagine! Choosing a high-quality brand ensures you get the purity you want.

Buy our organic, heirloom cacao butter right now.

UPDATE: We no longer sell cacao ourselves but do recommend products from Wildly Organic and stand by their sourcing, processing, and business practices.

Be sure to store it in a cool, dry place. It generally has a shelf life of two to three years if it hasn’t been exposed to heat or wet conditions.

It’s a general practice of mine to write the date you opened it on the package, so I remember when it was originally opened. However, with so many good recipes to try, it won’t last long enough to expire!

cacao butter keto

The Best Keto Cacao Butter Recipes

Cacao butter provides texture, flavor, and a creamy visual appeal to keto recipes.

Use the butter in place of dairy butter next time you make a bullet-proof coffee or try one of these delicious sugar-free keto recipes with cacao butter as one of the featured ingredients!

Cacao Butter Recipes

Ready to explore the rich, creamy world of cacao butter recipes? This versatile superfood is not just for chocolate lovers; it’s a game-changer in the kitchen, offering a healthy fat with a luxurious texture that enhances everything from baked goods to savory dishes. Discover these mouthwatering recipes that make cacao butter the star, and get ready to transform your cooking with a touch of decadence!

A batch of keto cacao butter recipe.
Walnut Cardamom Sugar-Free White Chocolate
Cacao butter brings the classic flavor and appearance to these nutty, cardamom flavored keto chocolate cups. You would never think they could be so easy to make!
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A plate full of Brazil-nut ketogenic white chocolate.
Brazil Nut Ketogenic White Chocolate
Everyone loves chocolate and peanut butter, but what about the other nuts? This recipe pairs cacao butter with Brazil nuts to achieve a smooth, good-for-you ketogenic white chocolate.
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Mint chocolate bars in stack on top of a wooden board with yellow flowers on the background.
Low-Carb Mint Chocolate Bar
We crafted this recipe after our second child was born, this was the perfect new mommy treat!
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Spirulina chocolate pieces covered in chocolate powder.
Spirulina Chocolate Bites
Homemade Spirulina Chocolate Bites are simple to make and so much more delicious than anything store-bought. You can make them entirely from natural, organic ingredients without any artificial flavors, preservatives or added sugar.
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Sugar-Free Chocolate Bites with Reishi and Shilajit
A medicinal mix of reishi, shilajit, and maca make this keto chocolate stand out from the crowd. It's deep, dark flavor is unforgettable.
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“Perfect” White Hot Chocolate

Cozy up with a mug to white cocoa. It’s new and novel with an ultra creamy blend of cacao butter, cream, and collagen peptides.

A mug with whipped cream and cacao butter on it.
White Hot Chocolate
This may not be your traditional hot chocolate using chocolate or cocoa powder, but it still has that homemade feel. And, in our opinion, it tastes a whole lot better!
Check out this recipe

Easy Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups

What is a chocolate recipe round up without peanut butter cups? These are practically fool proof.

Easy peanut butter cups in a stack on a white surface.
Easy Keto Peanut Butter Cups
These easy Keto Peanut Butter Cups taste like peanut butter fudge with a decadent layer of chocolate. A sugar-free taste sensation!
Check out this recipe

Low-Carb Keto Chocolate Bar Recipe

Everyone has to have a good go-to chocolate bar recipe. This one is simple and easy, made with just 5 essential ingredients.

Keto chocolate bar on a white surface.
Low Carb Keto Chocolate Bar Recipe
This is the best way to make a keto chocolate bar that tastes like the real thing. Includes which sweeteners to use and the best method.
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White Chocolate Keto Truffles

Truffles are a beautiful treat to make. Use this recipe to stay low-carb, ketogenic, and sugar-free!

Pieces of low-carb chocolate truffles on a white plate.
Low-Carb White Chocolate Truffles
Make every day special with these low carb white chocolate truffles candy. Each truffle has a creamy soft filling covered in yummy dark chocolate.
Check out this recipe

Keto Blondies

A buttery delight, these gluten-free keto brownies turn blonde with creamy cacao butter!

A stack of keto chocolate chip cookie bars on a glass plate.
Keto Blondies
This recipe might be something for you to fall in love with. Because every version I’ve prepared turned out beyond delicious. I tell you, the cacao butter is the ingredient to blame.
Check out this recipe
Keto-friendly cocoa butter and cocoa beans displayed in a bowl on a white background.

Now you see how many ways there are to use cacao butter in easy and delicious keto recipes!

Buy our organic, heirloom cacao butter right now.

I hope you are inspired by these recipes as much as I am!

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