Carnivore Egg Pudding Recipe

carnivore egg yolk pudding

Egg pudding is made from 3 animal-based ingredients and ready in 5 minutes! This carnivore diet dessert is super delicious when you want a zero-fiber sweet treat. What is the Carnivore Diet? A carnivore diet focuses exclusively on animal foods for all nutritional needs. No vegetables and no fiber are required. Our post on What … Read more

Carnivore Cake Recipe

Carnivore diet cake recipe

Make a carnivore cake recipe with just 3 essential ingredients and 10 minutes of prep time! This is an excellent carnivore birthday cake idea with variations for keto carnivore, carnivore carbs, and strict carnivore cooking styles. What is the Carnivore Diet? A carnivore diet is a diet made of animal foods exclusively. That means we … Read more

Carnivore Diet Challenge

carnivore meal prep challenge

Start this carnivore diet challenge if you feel like your carnivore diet is less than satisfying. There are 50 fun and creative challenges to engage your body and mind so you can embrace a lifestyle, not just a diet, focused on animal-based nutrition. What is the Carnivore Diet Challenge? This challenge is for anyone inspired … Read more

No Bake Cheesecake Pudding (Carnivore Friendly)

keto carnivore cheesecake dessert

A no bake cheesecake pudding is the ideal keto carnivore-friendly dessert. It’s smooth and creamy sweet, plus it only calls for 3 main ingredients and 10 minutes of your time to prep it! If you know you do best with animal-based nutrition and enjoy keto carnivore recipes or strict carnivore diet recipes, this one is … Read more

Carnivore Custard Recipe (3 Ingredients)

carnivore diet dessert

Enjoy this carnivore custard anytime you want dessert on a carnivore diet! Made with just three ingredients, this is an easy animal-based dessert recipe you can make any day of the week. What is the Carnivore Diet? A carnivore diet is a diet made of animal foods exclusively. No vegetables or fibrous plant foods are … Read more

Hidden Liver Meat Muffins

meat muffins hidden liver recipe

Hidden Liver Meat Muffins are the best way to add liver to your diet without any unusual taste, texture, or appearance. If you think you don’t like liver, this is the recipe to change your mind! Who Wants to Eat Hidden Liver? If you are still warming up to the idea of organ meats, recipes … Read more