18 Keto Desserts for the Holidays (with Lakanto!)

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Lakanto monk fruit sweetener is an essential ingredient in all my keto desserts for the holidays. This sugar substitute is perfect for a sugar-free and low-carb diet. Now you can enjoy all the seasonal baking in the winter and quick and easy treats for summer celebrations too!

Lakanto maple syrup recipes

Best Keto Sugar Substitute

For me, it’s no question. Lakanto is always my first choice for all sweetening needs. 

From smoothies to baked goods and everything in-between, the line of Lakanto zero-calorie sugar substitutes is top-notch and works for a wide variety of recipes.

Based on a combination of erythritol and monk fruit sweetener, the flavor is on point (no gross aftertaste!) and the texture is just like sugar.

Lakanto monk fruit sweeteners are

  • ZERO GLYCEMIC – Lakanto Sweetener will not increase blood sugar
  • ZERO CALORIES – With no sugar or added artificial flavoring
  • USEFUL – Flavor teas and coffee, baked goods, desserts, and chocolates
  • DELICIOUS – With no bitter aftertaste
  • DIET-FRIENDLY – Perfect for keto, low-carb, sugar-free and other wellness type diets
  • ALL-NATURAL – Make with Non-GMO Verified Monk Fruit

Making keto baked goods, classic holiday recipes, and homemade chocolate has never been easier!

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lakanto monk fruit sweetener keto reviews

Sugar-Free Keto Holiday Recipes

Do you have a hard staying sugar-free when big holiday celebrations come around?

Everything can be going well until a birthday, work party, or big seasonal event like Thanksgiving, Christmas, or Valentine’s Day happens. If we’re not prepared, it’s easy for these days (or weeks) to be complete sugar overloads.

The key to success is proper preparation. That’s where healthy keto recipes (and a helpful keto meal planner) come in handy. Be sure to stock your keto pantry with all the right ingredients for keto baking.

Even if you need a last-minute idea, there’s no excuse not to stick to a keto diet. Lakanto baking mix recipes cover all the best flavors and are quick and easy, just like normal store-bought options. 

Whatever you choose, be it a pre-made low-carb baking mix or a homemade recipe from scratch, they are sure to impress everyone around!

All these Lakanto recipes are sweet enough to curb sugar cravings, low-carb enough for a keto diet and tasty enough for any non-keto friends and family members around.

Lakanto Sweetener FAQ

Are Lakanto products healthy?

All of their sweeteners follow the same health claims and “are safe for people with corn intolerance, sensitivities, or allergies.” Furthermore, sweeteners are free of other common allergens such as soy, nuts, egg, and wheat.

Lakanto monk fruit sweetener is also zero calories and zero glycemic.

Which is better Lakanto or swerve?

Once I tried Lakanto, I never tried anything else because I am always happy with the results and never needed to look elsewhere.

Is Lakanto good for baking?

I use the classic and golden formulations for baking because they both work flawlessly. They sweeten as expected and never leave an undesirable aftertaste.

Is Lakanto FDA approved?

This is an important consideration. The FDA officially approved Lakanto products as safe dietary sweeteners.

Keto Baking Recipes with Lakanto Monk Fruit Sweetener

Take a look at these delicious keto recipes that will satisfy any sweet tooth!

Recipes with Lakanto Liquid Monkfruit Sweetener

You only need a few drops of liquid sweetener to give flavor to the entire recipe!

Recipes with Lakanto Maple Syrup

What finishes a recipe better than drizzling sugar-free maple syrup on top? As a fun twist, you can also bake with it mixed into the recipe!

More Keto Dessert Recipes

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