CHOQ Supplements Review

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Are you looking for a brand of quality adaptogenic and herbal supplements backed by proven results? This CHOQ supplements review examines testing practices, specific formulas, the benefits of adaptogens, and evidence-based results so you can decide if they are the right choice for you. If you’re interested, I share a huge discount code at the end of the post.

Many thanks to CHOQ for sponsoring this post and supporting the work we do at Primal Edge Health. All opinions and experiences are our own.

CHOQ Reviews

What is CHOQ?

The supplement brand CHOQ, based in Texas, USA, specializes in researched-based, high-quality supplements for optimizing mental and physical performance.

They boast about testing all products, not once but twice, as means of ensuring each formula is worth your attention.  

All CHOQ products are bottled in a cGMP-certified facility and every single batch is third-party tested for contaminants like heavy metals and bacteria. Testing is done on both the front and the back end, meaning that the individual raw ingredients and the finished product are both lab-analyzed. Anything that doesn’t meet our strict quality standards is rejected.

After spending years bouncing from brand to brand, I know how frustrating the process of buying supplements and hoping for the best is. I like the attention to detail and transparent labeling practices CHOQ employs.

Choq daily reviews

Here’s a list of some of their most popular products and ingredients:

  • Armor: A unique 20x absorption of quercetin phytosome, organic astragalus root, ParActin, organic lemon balm extract 
  • Daily: Their flagship men’s herbal multi with 500mg of purified shilajit in combination with safed musli, tribulus terrestris, mucuna pruriens, and cacao
  • Shilajit: An Ayurvedic herbomineral, water-purified and lab-verified for meeting rigorous purity standards
  • Tongkat 100: Wildcrafted from Malaysia, this is a 100x concentrated extract of the most extensively researched Tongkat in the world (1, 2, 3, 4)
  • Seven Wonders: A robust combination of seven organic fungi including Chaga, cordyceps, lion’s mane, Reishi and more.

My husband takes the Daily, shilajit, and Tongkat 100 on a frequent and ongoing basis. Likewise, I regularly take Action 2.0, ashwagandha, and shilajit. We turn to Seven Wonders whenever there’s a cold going around.

Choq shilajit

Adaptogenic Herbs Benefits

The Oxford English Dictionary defines adaptogens, or adaptogenic herbs, as natural substances used in herbal medicine “considered to help the body adapt to stress and to exert a normalizing effect upon bodily processes.” (5, 6)

Many of these herbs and roots are already well known within Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions in the form of teas, tinctures, and powders. While the specific reason for using these plant compounds can vary, the overall goal of reaching a balance, or “homeostasis” between stress and stress-response remains the same. (6, 7, 8 )

Adaptogens benefits are not gender-exclusive; therefore, CHOQ supplements are best for men and women. Furthermore, they support people at all ages by reducing oxidative damage, improving adrenal glad response, and increasing resistance to exterior stimuli.

Several compelling reasons will spark your interest in adaptogenic support. Here are some common benefits of adaptogens and the scientific studies that reflect current research.

  • Reduce anxiety (9)
  • Improve sleep (10)
  • Improve physical stamina and endurance (11,12)
  • Enhance mental performance (memory, focus, and acuity) (13, 14)
  • Reduce inflammation (15)
  • Hormone balance (16)

If these potential benefits sound like something that can help you, keep reading for our UNIQUE DISCOUNT CODE so you can save big while trying CHOQ for yourself!

Choq supplement Product, Shipping, and Order FAQ

What is CHOQ Daily?

This is an herbal-based multivitamin formula for men. Perhaps the product CHOQ is best known for, the Daily targets free and total testosterone levels as a way of enhancing energy, adrenal function, focus, ATP, and confidence.

What is CHOQ organic shilajit?

Each capsule contains 500mg PrimaVie purified shilajit, which targets mitochondrial function, hormone balance, collagen synthesis, focus, and inflammation response.

Is CHOQ Action legit?

The energy supplement features wildcrafted Siberian rhodiola rosea, organic amla, organic beetroot, and other ingredients for supporting circulation, mood, and focus. Scroll back up for scientific references and studies.

How much do CHOQ supplements cost?

Standard US shipping starts at $9.99. Continue scrolling down to the next section for our unique discount code to save you 50% off your order total!

Does CHOQ ship International?

CHOQ ships internationally. Pricing starts at $17 for priority service; faster options are also available. They do not collect international tax upon checkout, so international orders may also be subject to additional taxes or import duties, depending on the specific country’s law.

Can I return my order?

Provided that the customer pays shipping charges to send back the item, all unopened packages may be returned within 30 days of ordering, no questions asked.

Choq action reviews

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We’d love to hear about your experience, so please leave a comment below and let us know which formula helps you the most.

Many thanks to CHOQ for sponsoring this post and supporting the work we do at Primal Edge Health. All opinions and experiences are our own.

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