Carnivore Diet Snack Ideas: Best Easy Recipes

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Are you following the carnivore diet and struggling to find satisfying and nutritious snack ideas that fit within its guidelines? Look no further! 

In this post, we’ll share a variety of delicious and nutritious carnivore diet snack ideas that will help you stay full and on track with your dietary goals.

21 best carnivore diet snack ideas

Store-Bought Carnivore Snacks

There are several store-bought carnivore snack foods that can be enjoyed while following the a primarily meat diet.

Before you bring something home, do your diligence while in the grocery store and read the ingredients list on the label. Look out for artificial ingredients, soy additives or otherwise, preservatives, or hidden carbs that may not suit the carnivore diet. Foods with all-natural ingredients, without vegetable oil, soy products, plant foods and artificial flavorings are the best carnivore diet snacks.

Here are some great ideas to get you started.

Meat snacks

  • Pemmican – A traditional Native American food made of dried meat and rendered fat, known for its long shelf life and high nutrient density. We recommend Steadfast Provisions pemmican bars.
  • Beef jerky – Made from lean cuts of beef (Look for plain flavor, no spices or added sugars).
  • Beef sticks – Similar to jerky but with a denser texture (Avoid added seasoning if possible).
  • Meat sticks – Like beef sticks, but made from bison, chicken, pork, turkey, elk, or venison.
  • Biltong – A South African-style beef snack that is air-dried and often flavored with vinegar or other spices.
  • Bone broth – A nutrient-rich beverage made from simmering animal bones and connective tissue. We recommend Kettle and Fire chicken and beef bone broth.
  • Pork rinds – Made from fried pork skins and available in various flavors.
  • Pre-packaged deli meat – Such as sliced turkey, roast beef or chicken breast.
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Fish and Seafood 

  • Canned fish – Such as salmon, tuna or sardines packed in oil or water. We suggest VitalChoice because they offer high-quality items with sustainable fishing practices.
  • Canned seafood – Like smoked or plain oysters and crab meat, usually packed in water. 

Eggs and Dairy Snacks 

  • Hard-boiled eggs – Widely available in grocery stores and a convenient source of protein. 
  • Soft cheese – A source of protein and fat, available in many varieties like Brie, feta, Cervre, and cottage cheese
  • Hard cheese – Some popular types include Cheddar, Gruyere, Emmental, and Pecorino
  • Raw cheese – Made with unpasteurized raw milk, often in a more traditional style of cheesemaking.
  • Cheese sticks – Typically made from Mozzarella cheese, but you can find cheddar cheese sticks too.
  • Greek yogurt – Easy to find, even at gas stations and also a great source of protein and fat.

Homemade Carnivore Snacks

Take your store-bought things a step further and boost the snacking experience with these super quick and easy modifications. They give an idea of just how easy carnivore diet recipes can be.

  • Snack wrap – Roll deli meat like roast beef or turkey with cream cheese, and bacon bits for an easy and quick snack wrap. 
  • Charcuterie board – You can also make a carnivore-style charcuterie board by arranging different types of deli meat, cheese, and pork rinds on a plate.
  • Cheese and meat – Pair cheese with different types of meat like salami, prosciutto, or bacon for a protein-packed snack. 
  • Make a melt – You can also melt cheese on top of a slice of ham or roast beef in the oven for a quick and satisfying snack.
  • Cheese chips – Arrange cheese slices on a parchment paper lined baking sheet and pop in the oven at 350 F for 12-15 minutes until bubbling on top. Remove and let cool into crisp cheese chips.
  • Bulletproof Bone Broth – Add ½ tbsp butter and ¼ tsp sea salt to a warm cup of bone broth for a bulletproof or keto tea effect.
  • Pepperoni chips – Arrange pepperoni slices in a single layer and bake at 400 F for six minutes until crisp and crunchy.

Meat Your New Favorite Snacks: 21 Delicious Carnivore Recipes

Satisfy your carnivorous cravings with these delicious and easy-to-make homemade carnivore snack recipes! With options ranging from savory meat muffins to flavorful smoothies and even pudding, you'll have no trouble finding a great snack that satisfies your hunger and your taste buds.

Tips for Snacking on the Carnivore Diet

First and foremost, planning and preparing snacks in advance is key to avoiding impulsive, unhealthy choices.

  • Schedule time for meal prep at the beginning of each week
  • Create a shopping list to ensure you have all the necessary ingredients on hand
  • Store snacks in portion-controlled containers for easy grab-and-go access

Be mindful of portion sizes and calorie intake to avoid overeating.

  • Use a food scale or measuring cups to ensure proper portion sizes
  • Track macros and caloric intake with a food diary or tracking app

Experimenting with different flavors and textures can help keep snacking interesting and enjoyable.

  • Try out multiple types of meats and cheeses to find new favorites
  • Consider pairing snacks with dips or sauces for added flavor. Use the sauce and dip recipes in The Carnivore Cookbook!
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Lastly, it’s essential to listen to your body and adjust snacking habits accordingly.

  • Pay attention to hunger cues and adjust snack frequency as needed
  • Do not snack if you’re not hungry between carnivore meals
  • Monitor energy levels and eliminate snacking if you’re feeling sluggish or tired

Use snacks as needed to stay on track. Prioritize main meals over snacks and you’ll do better long-term. It takes a while to set up healthy habits, but following these tips can make the most of your carnivore-friendly snacking.

What’s Mindful Snacking on a Carnivore Diet?

The carnivore diet means consuming only animal products, such as meat, fish, and poultry as well as dairy and eggs. While this may sound restrictive, many people have found it to be beneficial for their health and well-being.

However, one challenge of the carnivore diet is that we’re so used to eating all the time and have developed snacking habits. This is where mindful snacking can come in handy. Aim to break the habit over time, but also be merciful to yourself and don’t cause extra stress. These snacks can easily double as holiday treats and appetizers too, so save the list and come back to it when you need it most!

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  1. This was a great reminder that there IS variety to be had on the carnivore diet. Some things like, like pate and pemmican, we’ve been eating for years. Will definitely save this list for ideas the next time I attend a pot luck and want to bring a carnivore-friendly item (looking at you, eggnog cheesecake pudding).


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