Keto Emergency Food (Pantry & Freezer Essentials)

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Keep a keto emergency food supply stocked in your pantry and freezer in case for times of food shortages, natural disasters, or other emergency situations ever come your way. Take care of yourself and your family by preparing your home with shelf stable foods, emergency keto snacks, and storable foods that will last without refrigeration.

If you know you do best on a keto diet or a carnivore diet, this list is for you!

Storable low-carb food. Shelf stable pantry essentials to have on hand all the time plus recipes for how to use them. Keto. Paleo. Carnivore diet friendly.

The modern age of convenience, fast food, take out and microwave-ready meals leaves us vulnerable and dependent on others for not only essential nutrients but also basic meal prep.

It’s sad to see the disappearance of larders and well-stocked pantries as people move to tiny homes and sky-high apartment buildings.

People grab frozen, microwave-ready meals instead of spending the time to meal prep, food court soups instead of homemade stews, and fast food keto meals instead of easy keto recipes made in their own kitchen.

Don’t let your hard work of keto adapting, avoiding keto flu, and reaching your low carb goals get sabotaged by being caught unprepared in times of emergency.

If you finally learned how to get results on a keto diet, do everything you can to protect your health!

Shelf-stable keto foods

Under emergency and disaster conditions, we need bioavailable nutrients to support our physical and mental demands. Animal foods are the most important in this situation.

Store these nutrient-dense foods in your pantry:

Our Pick
Grass-Fed Beef Pemmican

Save the hassle of making pemmican yourself and buy it online from Steadfast Provisions. Their bars are made with ingredients sourced from family-owned grass-fed beef ranches in Oregon, USA.

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This is the ultimate nutrient-dense adventure or survival food, reliable anytime, anywhere.

  • Great taste
  • Shelf-stable, grass-fed ingredients
  • Convenient portions
  • Travel-friendly nutrient-dense food
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Anyone on keto knows of the importance of electrolytes. Salt is an obvious necessity for electrolytes and trace minerals. Choose a quality mineral-rich salt to store in your pantry or larder.

If you need to regulate your intake further, have a bottle or two of magnesium glycinate in 400 mg capsules.

Canning at home is a good way to stock up on a lot of food at once and preserve your own food supply. Take note of safety precautions and proceed accordingly. Can low carb vegetables, fruit, sauces, and even meat.

Support Your Immune System

In times of stress, our immune systems can get seriously taxed. Fermented cod liver oil and grass-fed desiccated organ meat capsules will support immune function and provide important nutrition.

If you live in a place without much natural sunlight during the year, consider having enough liposomal Vit-D3 with K2 for everyone in the home. Liposomal forms are highly assimilated.

Keto Emergency Snacks & Pantry Essentials

Coconut oil and olive oil are two plant-based fat sources that are often used in keto cooking. They have a long shelf life and can be added to your collection too.

There are many types of coconut products to eat on keto. All of them do well at room temperature and will last for a long time.

Download and print out my full shopping list for Keto Pantry Staples and you’ll know exactly what to get!

Low Carb Foods that Last without Refrigeration

Many of these foods are also handy to keep at your work or in your car. If you’re out a lot, having staples like these nearby can help you adhere to a keto diet long-term. You won’t be so tempted to go off plan when you have appropriate food choices available.

These foods aren’t completely nonperishable but they will stay fresh for a while without refrigeration.

Storable Keto Food: Earthquake and Disaster Prep

Storable food is storable food and good for many reasons. We always need to eat eventually don’t we?

Keeping your pantry stocked and having nutrient-dense staples on hand makes weekly trips to the grocery store easier and serves as a sort of safety net if you ever need to live off of your own supplies.

Hopefully, it never comes to a “worse case” situation but it never hurts to be as prepared as possible. Of course, if a serious life-threatening decision lays in front of you, don’t be afraid to eat nonketo food!

Natural disasters happen and if there is one in your area, you want to do the best you can for yourself and your family.

Keto Hiking, Backpacking and Camping Meals

Any low-carb food you have for emergency preparedness will double for hiking, backpacking, and camping meals also.

The main goal for all these situations is to have nourishing, non or semi-perishable food that will last without refrigeration.

Keep an eye on the storable food you have. Most things expire eventually so making some sort of rotation to kick out the old and refresh with new would be a good idea.

Don’t let anything go to waste. Whenever something is reaching the end of its shelf life, plan a camping or backpacking trip and enjoy the food in the great outdoors.

Homemade Keto Cooking from Scratch

It’s well established this far into the post that having a moderate stockpile of food in your home at all times is useful for practical and emergency-related reasons.

Now I want to show you what to do with these ingredients.

We’ve grown very decadent as a culture and many of us have lost the skills to do simple things such as cook homemade meals from scratch.

I wrote two keto cookbooks designed as training manuals to teach everyone the simple ways of nourishing ourselves with essential ketogenic foods. They are excellent guides to learn the basics of from-scratch meal prep. If you don’t already have a copy, order one now!

In addition to the 250+ keto recipes in the books and my collection of easy keto recipes on the blog, here a few more to wet your whistle.

The recipes are recommended for food preservation purposes or because they use common pantry staples.

Homemade Keto Cooking from Scratch

Make Ahead Freezer Friendly Family Meals

It feels good to have a freezer stash of ready made meals. Having precooked (or uncooked meat) meals ready to reheat and serve with minimal action from me is a huge reassurance. Aside from emergency preparedness, make ahead meals are useful when you get sideswiped with a busy day or just don’t feel like making something from scratch.

Make Ahead Freezer Friendly Family Meals

No Bake Keto and Low Carb Recipes

If it happens that the grid goes out and there is temporarily no electricity or gas for a while having a camping stove with portable gas tanks and knowing how to build a cooking fire would be helpful.

Failing that, some no-bake recipes made from pantry staples may come in handy until you can figure out a source of heat.

It’s hard to make entire no bake meals but these snacks and high fat recipes will keep you going while you conserve resources and keep a clear head to think up a plan.

No Bake Keto and Low Carb Recipes

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