5-month weight-loss stall BROKEN!

Stavros carnivore diet results

Tristan and Jessica’s Keto Carnivore Collective has far exceeded my wildest expectations. After a long weight loss plateau which brought me on the brink of giving up one more time, I have now started to lose weight again! Jessica and Tristan provided me with the exact information for my specific case, which not only worked … Read more

Nutrition for an Endurance Athlete

Marco Koschier keto diet results

I came from a completely different angle than many others in the Keto & Carnivore Collective. First by already being on Keto since 2013, second by not being overweight or having bad reactions to any type of food and third by building my nutrition around performance and recovery enhancement since 1998 for my long term … Read more

Recovering from Frutarian Degeneration and Infertility

James bailand carnivore diet results

Having come across Tristan from Primal Edge Health online, and listening to his content I was fortunate enough to partake in his Keto and Carnivore Collective, a group coaching program that he runs monthly with his wife, Jessica. Some brief background as to how I got here. Having faced some serious enough health problems in … Read more

A Life-Changing Experience

Serafina carnivore diet results

There are too many out-of-this-world brilliant things about the Keto & Carnivore Collective and what Primal Edge Health is doing. I took part in the July 2019 Group Coaching program. It has impressed and helped me so much, there are few words that can describe my deep appreciation and respect for Tristan, Jessica and everyone … Read more

Improved Recovery + Quality Support

Caroline Sullivan carnivore diet results

The Keto & Carnivore Collective has been an amazing help to me. I’ve been meandering my way towards a more ketogenic, animal foods-based diet, especially to recover from some cascading injuries, but was still having some bumps along the way. It was incredibly reassuring to have the support of Tristan and Jessica, and a group … Read more