5-month weight-loss stall BROKEN!

Tristan and Jessica’s Keto Carnivore Collective has far exceeded my wildest expectations. After a long weight loss plateau which brought me on the brink of giving up one more time, I have now started to lose weight again! Jessica and … Read More

Nutrition for an Endurance Athlete

I came from a completely different angle than many others in the Keto & Carnivore Collective. First by already being on Keto since 2013, second by not being overweight or having bad reactions to any type of food and third … Read More

A Life-Changing Experience

There are too many out-of-this-world brilliant things about the Keto & Carnivore Collective and what Primal Edge Health is doing. I took part in the July 2019 Group Coaching program. It has impressed and helped me so much, there are … Read More

Improved Recovery + Quality Support

The Keto & Carnivore Collective has been an amazing help to me. I’ve been meandering my way towards a more ketogenic, animal foods-based diet, especially to recover from some cascading injuries, but was still having some bumps along the way. … Read More

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