A man jogging on a mountain.

Nutrition for an Endurance Athlete

Marco Koschier

I came from a completely different angle than many others in the Keto & Carnivore Collective. First by already being on Keto since 2013, second by not being overweight or having bad reactions to any type of food and third by building my nutrition around performance and recovery enhancement since 1998 for my long term triathlon sport.

That said, the KCC has 2 inherent limitations that are both given. 1) I must eat carbs and 2) the time difference between EST and Moscow time. I missed chats because of the latter it was simply too late for me.

However, I very much liked the lessons from Tristan and his style to individualize the coaching specific to the needs of each participant. I was a little bit out of the standard scope with the prerequisite of adding carbs to my diet but Tristan has a completely non-dogmatic approach towards nutrition style and was able to help me as much as anyone else.

I very much enjoyed the KCC!

I have followed Primal Edge Health for years so nobody needs to convince me that the information they provide is valid. I already know it is!

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