Primal Edge Health is a meeting ground for those who wish to take back their health. It’s time we all step up and learn how to properly nourish our bodies and build a foundation of dietary and lifestyle habits that bring health, strength, and vitality.

Members perks include

Supporting the content you care about

Make a financial pledge to support content that you value and vote with your dollar to spread a message that matters. If there is something you want to learn more about (ex: a diet specific question, a stream topic, or recipe), you will have a direct line to our inbox and may send in a suggestion that will be prioritized over all other requests.

Keto + carnivore diet resources

This downloadable zip file includes free diet resources like Top 5 Primal Edge Health Recipe ebook, Keto Cacao: Sugar-Free, Guilt-Free Recipes ebook, and 30 Easy Keto Meals pdf, Keto Pantry List, Guide to Low and High Oxalate Foods, Keto Diet Food List & Macro Guide, Carnivore Diet Food List & Macro Guide, and more! Disclosure: you can get some but not all of these resources by signing up in our Free Members Area.

Subscriber-only email access

There’s a little bit of everything on the internet. All the talking heads can leave you feeling strained from information overload and confused about what to do next. If you have a pressing question to clarify or want to hear our unique take on a certain topic you will have access to a subscriber-only contact form that will bring your message to the top of our inbox. Write in a question regarding keto, carnivore or anything else and get answers directly from Tristan or Jessica.

Exclusive audio and video podcasts

Every few weeks we release new, never been heard before audio and/or video podcasts by leading health experts like Nina Teicholz, Ivor Cummins, and more. These discussions on health, nutrition, and lifestyle optimization are not to be missed!

Private community forum

Our private community forum is where we curate an educational environment based on our SIX years of successfully coaching people to improve diet and lifestyle as a means for better health.

Centralized on a secure desktop and mobile app, you can have access wherever you are in the world. Our forum is unlike any other and full of lively, highly engaged people making progress toward their personal health goals through positive diet and lifestyle choices.

  • Daily check-ins from Tristan and Jessica
  • 2x Monthly Live calls
  • Ongoing community support to keep you on track, accountable, and encouraged
  • Exposure to Keto & Carnivore Collective grads to learn from and connect with
  • Free diet resources: grocery lists, meal planners, macro guides, and more
  • Bonus audio and video content from Primal Edge Health
  • Early notifications on our youtube videos, live streams, podcasts, and recipes
  • Group discussions on food sourcing, family living, homesteading, and more
  • An endless flow of inspiration, recipes, and tips

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Not sure if these options are for you? Start with a free account. If you like what you see, you can always upgrade later. We give a free trial period on the Private Community Forum so you can try it out without worry! If you decide it’s not for you, cancel anytime within the first few days free of charge. No questions asked!