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So worth it!

Gene A
New Jersey, USA

Before attending Primal Edge Health’s Keto & Carnivore Collective, I was simply doing “OK” in my Keto/Carnivore journey. Then I became stuck. There were WAY too many gaps in my knowledge base, and existing health issues produced in me a mental paralysis I couldn’t shake. Tristan filled in those gaps and helped me to get past the paralysis that kept me physically and mentally cemented in place for months.

After applying the personalized advice I received from Tristan over several weeks, things started to change. My satiety returned, my sleep quality increased, my body composition improved dramatically, and my energy returned. Most importantly, however, my health has improved dramatically. I’m no longer insulin resistant and the chronic inflammation I used to experience in my joints and lower back are all but gone; and, if they return, I know exactly what to do thanks to Tristan.

Nothing can compare with the peace of mind I have now knowing I’m on the right track and having the empirical evidence to prove it!

Tristan and Jessica are such an incredible team! God bless you both and the work that you do to help improve the lives of people like myself, I am eternally grateful.

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