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Recovering from Frutarian Degeneration and Infertility

James Bailand

Having come across Tristan from Primal Edge Health online, and listening to his content I was fortunate enough to partake in his Keto and Carnivore Collective, a group coaching program that he runs monthly with his wife, Jessica.

Some brief background as to how I got here.

Having faced some serious enough health problems in my 20’s I began making lifestyle and dietary changes. When I did this I experienced great improvements in health and energy which gave me great encouragement to keep going. I was making seemingly more restrictive choices which I thought were leading to higher and higher levels of energy, eventually to the point where I ate a fruit-based, raw vegan diet!

This sounds like a crazy way to eat, and I was always happy to admit that, but the initial results of the changes were genuinely great, and I honestly found going full retard with a diet like that to be both rewarding and in a strange way very freeing. Freeing because junk food, both food-like products, and animal products were just off the menu. It was simple. All the fruit I wanted, all the time, and a massive salad for my evening meal.

It was extremely rewarding…until it wasn’t. After a number of years of eating a strict, fruit-based, low fat, raw vegan diet things started to feel off. The weight started to drop. Injuries began to happen and happen regularly. Teeth started to degrade. As a simple solution, my wife and I thought to increase dietary fat. We did and it helped a bit, at least for a while.

Ultimately a fruit-based raw vegan diet, both low fat (around 10% total calories from fat) and higher fat (around 30%) failed us. What started out as a dream, ended like a nightmare.

I lost muscle mass and strength and had sharp muscle pains followed by dull aches. I lost teeth and had broken bones. Both my wife and I had hormonal problems. My testosterone lowered and my wife had a number of missed pregnancies as well as heart arrhythmia and a failing thyroid.

That is how the healthiest diet on Earth left us. However great it was in the beginning, the end was nothing short of shite.

Next came the lambing season in the UK. We ate lamb steaks. Then we ate them every day for a month, and soon all we wanted to eat was meat. Meat was back. We felt great. The wife fell pregnant again within the first month and has carried this pregnancy into the third trimester, due in late spring. Meat makes you fertile!

For six months we ate animal flesh again along with some kidneys and hearts, which was weird. We were moving our diet towards a Western A. Price style of eating, which was great but we were still quite aimless. We were very sure to eat animal products but unsure of how to structure the way we ate. For so long we ate “the healthiest diet possible”. The so-called diet of Eden, only our health had grown to be barren and fallow which can rock your confidence a little. We knew we were wrong before and wanted to be comfortable, eating a whole food diet in a way that was again second nature, but this time genuinely healthy.

Then I had an opportunity to join the Primal Edge Health Keto and Carnivore Collective by Tristan and Jessica. The experience was great with them individually and the group as a whole. Tristan’s ability to breakdown and explain the process of eating a keto carnivore diet was simple but not simplistic. This is a topic he clearly knows inside out though experience. The program has two phone-in sessions a week. During these sessions, Tristan breaks down the dietary needs, and eating patterns needed to eat a carnivorous diet easily and successfully. During a number of sessions, he broke down exactly the traps and pitfalls I had been making that week before he had even spoken to me. Tristan genuinely knows the process and how to guide you through it, without fuss, and ensuring easy success.

To anyone thinking about eating a keto or carnivore diet, I can highly recommend Primal Edge Health coaching!

I feel great now! I have steady and constant energy throughout the day. I feel satiated, satisfied and have smooth and easy digestion. I really recommend Primal Edge Health’s Collective to get ahead start on your health. Many people going through the program with me had been struggling to eat a keto diet, but with limited success.  They, like me, came away from the month enjoying new health benefits and having more physical joy around food. My health issues are all slowly rescinding and since eating carnivore I have been able to start hard exercise again. I’m down a stone in excess weight and now increasing in strength and endurance.

Thank you to Jessica, and Tristan!

Seriously thank you, from my whole family to yours. As far as I am concerned I’ll always owe you both a debt, you’ve really helped improve the health of my family.

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