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What to Eat on a Carnivore Diet

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The essence of a carnivore diet is easy: fuel yourself with fatty animal protein and eat to satiety. You will quickly learn what to eat on a carnivore diet because it is just so simple.

A carnivorous diet is a diet based exclusively on animal foods.

“Carnivore Diet” is a loose term used to denote the absence of plant foods, however there is no one uniform way to follow. How you craft the diet will depend on personal preference and tolerance. It may or may not include eggs, dairy, and animal-sourced carbohydrates like honey and raw milk.

Sound boring? It’s not! There is a wide variety of foods to choose from.

What to Eat on a Carnivore Diet

Eat animal foods to satiety. Meat, eggs, and more meat. Salt liberally.

Prioritize red meat over chicken, pork, and other fowl. Beef, lamb, sheep, bison, and other ruminants have a superior nutritional profile, fatty acid content, and tend to digest better overall.

Contrary to what the medical establishment teaches, the essence of a proper diet should be red meat. Ideally, grass-fed whenever possible. Supporting grass-fed meat goes beyond personal health and builds up regenerative agriculture and healthy economic systems. It’s not always viable to purchase grass-fed, but do the best you can. Connecting with local suppliers and buying in bulk are two ways we save money on our monthly food budget.

All foods from the animal kingdom are on the table:

  • Fatty meat from ruminant animals
  • Fish, seafood, and roe (note: fish and seafood tend to be quite lean, add fat as needed)
  • Chicken, pork, and other poultry
  • Aged meats
  • Fermented meats (yes it’s true! There is a long tradition of preserving meat this way, and we now enjoy high liver from time to time)
  • Organs meats (start with liver, beef heart, and bones)
  • Eggs, optional (depends on tolerance, see below)
  • Dairy, optional (depends on tolerance, see below)

A COMPLETE carnivore diet grocery list is available to download for FREE in our members’ section. It is a 3-page pdf with a shopping list, tips on how to budget, ways to connect with local food producers, and online shopping resources.

A complimentary list with corresponding macros is also included the members’ section for those of us who want to track macros. It’s all FREE for you!

Different Degrees of Carnivory

What to Eat on a Carnivore Diet PIN

Perhaps unexpectedly, a carnivorous way of eating is satiating and satisfying. The ease of preparing simple meals only adds to the many benefits.

If you feel like experimenting with the varying degrees of carnivory, I highly recommend my Quick Start Guide to Carnivory + 21 Day Meal Plan. It will walk you through a 3-week diet plan that begins with a full spectrum of animal foods and progresses to a narrower scope week by week.

It is a complete guide with answers to top Carnivore FAQs, shopping lists, macros, substitutions, shopping tips, budget options, and of course, the recipes themselves.

It’s fine to ease into it by slowly weaning off plant foods (vegetables, nuts, fruit, etc.) or jump in right away. There is no one way to do it. Whatever you think will give you the most confidence and long-term success should be the way to try!

The goal with a carnivore diet is to know what foods you handle well and eliminate all the others.

If you tollerate eggs and dairy, enjoy them! If not, stick to a meat only approach.

Due to the highly satiating nature of animal foods, a seemingly “restricted” level of meat only is surprisingly enjoyable (this is coming from someone who has spent years in the kitchen and written three cookbooks!). Most people do not feel any loss about not eating vegetables or remorse about ultra-simple meal prep. There is a short adjustment period in the beginning, but soon a new dietary rhythm is established, and meat is normalized. Your eyes will open once you learn all the things you can do with meat!

Organ Meat is not Required

We promote the benefits of organ meats and our whole family enjoy organs. Organ meats tend to be very affordable and are highly nutritious. They give a tremendous nutritional “bang for your buck” return on dollars spent.

Aside from being economically viable and nutritious, they are also quite delicious and add depth and variety to the diet. I have a dedicated section of The Carnivore Cookbook on the proper preparation of organ meats and bones. The simple recipes and assuring advice will gently guide anyone interested in the wonderful world of nose-to-tail eating.

People survive and thrive on a meat-based diet without organ meats. If the idea doesn’t appeal to you, don’t force it. It takes time to warm up to nose-to-tail foods. When you are ready, I have plenty of recipes for beginners to get you started.

Start your journey with Ancestral Supplements who makes high-quality desiccated organ meat capsules which provide some of the benefits of nose-to-tail eating in a nice convenient form.

Organ meat recipes

Are there Carnivore Carbs?

There are certain animal-based carbohydrates like raw honey, raw whole milk, plain yogurt, and cheese which may be beneficial to someone who is underweight or healing from a period of vegetarianism or veganism (malnourishment).

Using carnivore carbohydrates in conjunction with fatty animal protein will help increase caloric intake and facilitate healthy weight gain. However, please note that if fat loss is the goal, carbs should be kept at low levels or eliminated.

Will a Carnivore Diet put me in Ketosis? 

Depending on your goals, a carnivore diet may or may not be ketogenic. Ketosis, a metabolic state in which the body burns fat for fuel, is achieved through carbohydrate restriction. It is the lack of carbohydrates in the diet that triggers this shift.

Our bodies can use tw of the three macronutrients for energy: carbohydrate or fat. If we aren’t using carbs, we must be using fat. This fat can come either from our plate in the form of dietary fat or from our bodies as we burn (lose) fat.

Animal protein is exceptionally satiating; therefore, if done correctly, hunger tends to be low on a carnivorous diet. Low hunger makes it easy to lose body fat.

For more nuances on a keto carnivore diet, please watch Is a Carnivore Diet also Ketogenic? Ketone Confusions & Carnivore Heresy

If you are looking for specific advice, dialed into your unique situation, participate in our next Keto & Carnivore Collective. After enrolling, you will have access to custom advice from hands-on, dedicated coaches (that’s Tristan and me!) in a supportive environment of like-minded people. We dive deep into optimizing diet, sleep, movement patterns, circadian rhythm, environment, stress management, and more. See upcoming dates here.


A carnivore diet is different from a keto diet. It’s different from all other diets and very unique!

Local selection, personal preference, and budget are the significant factors of influence that shape what you eat on a carnivore diet. Choose from a wide range of animal proteins and fats and learn what works best for your body, lifestyle, and situation.

Fatty red meat is an essential food for everyone. Fish and seafood, chicken, pork, poultry are best eating occasionally (as in a few times a week, not every day or every meal). Eggs and dairy are optional, depending on tolerance. Organ meats optional, but highly encouraged!

If you like sharing your delicious carnivore foods, join my Keto & Carnivore Diet Recipe Group on Facebook!

This article sources concepts from the Primal Edge Health youtube video: What food can I eat on a Carnivore Diet?

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    good. am on carnivore diet now for a month

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      Nice! Enjoy 🙂

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    I Love reading and learning from your articles! I did not realize how meat can be so satifying! I have been a vegetarian for sooo long! Thank you for all the support and inspiration in helping people achieve physical and mental health!
    Would a carnivore diet also help with osteoporosis?

    Many blessings to you and your awesome family!

    • Jessica Haggard
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      Thanks for stopping by Rosanna! I would think that a low-oxalate diet would be beneficial as well as avoiding phytic acid found in nuts and seeds. Try a Carnivore diet for 30 days and then take it from there!

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    Great post

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    I have been carnivore for about 6 months. I am trying to learn to eat organ meats ever since working with Dr. Clemens at Paleomedicina but still gag with liver. I haven’t found a local source for brain but want to give it a try. Any advice for adding organ meats? I tried mixing ground liver with ground bacon and still no go. I am curious about what Tristan says about raw “high” meat liver tasting better. Seems gross but curious. Thanks so much.

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      You must have missed the note about international shipping. Please check out here for orders out side of the US

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    What’s your take, opinion on grilling steak etc, keep hearing and seeing articles if you blacken meat it can be carcinogenic.

    Great work guys.


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    I’ve been keto for over 2 years now – need to loose about 20 pounds. Love meat so this works great for me. Thank you for the information – it helps get me started on the right foot. ; )

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