Printable Carnivore Food List with Macros

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More than 70 ingredients are listed with their full macronutrient profile in an easy to read Printable Carnivore Food List with Macros cheat sheet.

Everyday ingredients are separated into categories of protein, fats, and dairy. The list draw from my Carnivore Shopping List + Resources and presents grams of protein, fat, carb, fiber, and net carb per serving for each type of animal protein and fat listed.

Once upon a time I didn’t have a clue about macros! If you feel the same and not sure how to make numbers out of the food on your plate, rest easy. I want to give you this chart as a quick reference cheat sheet to make your carnivore journey easier.

Printable Carnivore Food List + Macros for Common Carnivore Foods

This is a resource I usually just share with our clients but after seeing it help so many people, I want to share it here with you too! The downloadable chart has been added to the growing library available for FREE to all subscribers.

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Available in our Subscriber’s Resource Library for Free!

Download the Carnivore Food List with Macros (Printable Chart)

psssst, you’ll find the Carnivore Diet Shopping List here too!

Not every one needs to track macros on a Carnivore Diet but it will be useful if you have specific goals to reach, a plateau to break, or want to further dial in your situation. I highly recommend you begin by tracking macros by hand rather than an app on your phone.

Tracking by hand might seem like a pain but many find that it is actually easier than they thought and sets them up for long-term results better than internet based apps do.

Consistency will be your friend!

If you keep your daily meals simple and made with similar ingredients, you will likely find that you have memorized each food’s macros after writing them out for a few days. Once you have the information committed to memory, transitioning to intuitive eating and eyeballing portion sizes is pretty doable. This knowledge allows you to take a low carb diet and make it your keto lifestyle.

Weighing and tracking your food doesn’t need to happen for ever but it is an important step to make in the beginning. As you get comfortable with a diet of animal protein and fats, The Carnivore Cookbook can be a great source of inspiration for you and comes with complete macro profile for all recipes!

Do the work for your first few weeks and then you will have a foundation to stand later on. With any new diet change comes a necessary change in habits. Train your body now so you don’t have to correct later.

It’s quite liberating once carnivore food prep is normalized within your lifestyle and you can properly judge your portions without the scale. This skill makes eating out pretty simple too, you’ll know how much protein to ask for and if you need extra fat added or not. If the plate is served to you supersized, you can divide it appropriately and save the rest for another meal.

I hope this chart helps you!

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Carnivore Food List with Macros

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