pemmican homemade recipe with heart and liver

Homemade Pemmican Recipe with Organ Meats

We have a stash of homemade pemmican laying around pretty consistently. All three of us (mom, dad and child) enjoy it as a nutrient dense, quick and easy lunch or on-the-go snack. It is a wonderful travel food because it won’t smush, squish or spill.

I usually eat it at the house with a side of homemade sauerkraut, bulk prepped vegetables and avocado. I like to scoop the avocado into my bowl, mashed it up and sprinkle crumbs of pemmican on top, then add in the sauerkraut and chopped vegetables. Pretty golden.

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homemade pemmican recipe

My daughter likes it when I slice an avocado in half and put in pemmican crumbs in the hollowed part where the pit used to be. I mix and mash it all up for her and she chows it. Her favorite way is in this avocado bowl, she also likes is with cream cheese spread on top.

We do a big bulk grocery shopping trip once a month. Which involves driving out to the nearest city, called Loja, and passing through the central open air fish and meat market. We get our bone broth bones, organ meats and fresh fish all in one stop and freeze them back at the house.

I felt inspired by my latest research into liver as a nutritional superfood, so this trip out to Loja I bought extra grass-fed liver and asked that a few pounds be ground up.

pemmican organs ingredinets

In past batches of homemade pemmican I have used ground heart mixed with ground beef. This time I go a step further with ground liver. Even though the texture of ground liver was very gooey and a bit slimy unlike either heart or muscle meat, I diligently spread it across a dehydrator tray and waited to see what would happen.

The liver took longer to thoroughly dry than the other ground meat and resulted in a thin, paper like, delicate sheet. It ground up into a fine flour that was perfect to add in along side the meat and heart.

How to add Liver to your Homemade Pemmican Recipe

Follow my simple homemade pemmican recipe here.

If you want to add liver to your homemade pemmican recipe make the following adjustment:

  • When you weigh or measure your meat, put in about 1/4 part of ground dried liver. I use 400 grams of dried meat powder. It breaks down to 200 grams dried ground heart, 100 grams is dried ground liver and 100 grams dried ground muscle meat.

I love the fact that provides my family with an easy to grab, nutrient dense food throughout the week.

Search your local area for quality food suppliers and try to source directly from the ranchers themselves. Use my guide on sourcing food for tips and direction. If you can’t find anything locally, US Wellness is a great online source for grass-fed meat and organ meats. They have an amazing selection!

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Homemade Pemmican Recipe with Heart and Liver

This addition steps up the nutritional quality of pemmican and it happens to be delicious!

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7 Responses

  1. David
    | Reply

    Just stumbled on to your site. Enjoying the information, thank you, as it helps broaden the spectrum of ideas. Keep up the good work!

    I slice the liver/heart/kidney, very thin,then dehydrate it, and then powder it. That makes for easier clean up also.

    have an interesting day

  2. Reeco
    | Reply

    Does drying the meat cause it to lose any nutrients?

    • Jessica Haggard
      | Reply

      The Native Americans, Inuit, fur traders, and early era US soldiers never had a problem with it. In fact, quite the opposite – fresh meats and pemmican prevented scurvy found in traditional British/European diets based on salted meats and fish. Check out Stefansson’s Not by Bread Alone. If you would like to learn more in depth about the wonder, function and history of pemmican.

  3. Alexander Balanda
    | Reply

    Scurvy is prevented by having vitaminC in diet, animal stomach tissue is a good source of this during the winter months.

    • Jessica Haggard
      | Reply

      Fresh meat also remedies scurvy 🙂

  4. Štěpán
    | Reply

    What temperature do you recommend for dehydrating the liver? I do it in an oven.

    • Caitlin Pipe
      | Reply

      Use the lowest setting on your oven. Check after an hour. Flip once the top is dry.

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