Fast and Simple 2-Step Zucchini Butter with Herbs Recipe

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Zucchini butter is a mouthwatering fusion of wholesome ingredients and kitchen creativity. I got my first taste of this intriguing dish (which they called a “zucchini marmalade”) at a community eat-in, and the buttery and mildly sweet flavors instantly made my tastebuds tingle with delight. It was so unforgettable that I had to recreate it at home.

This savory smooth spread makes the perfect keto condiment that complements a variety of main courses. It’s quick and easy to prepare and needs only a couple of everyday staples like garlic and butter. It’s pretty straightforward; just sauté on a skillet, mix together, and you’re done in under 30 minutes. Easy-peasy!

My herb-infused zucchini butter recipe is extremely easy to make, loaded with whole food ingredients, and versatile enough for family dinners and parties. Zucchini itself is a naturally low-carb fruit (sorry, veggie lovers!) and when combined with unsalted butter and aromatic herbs, this recipe easily becomes a staple for anyone looking for a healthy, no-fuss alternative to traditional spreads.

Why You’ll Love This Recipe

In the US, zucchini are generally available all year long, especially in California and Florida with their consistently warm summer temperatures. In my zucchini butter recipe, this summer squash is the star! Here are reasons to love this versatile creamy paste:

  • Simple ingredients: Requires only six ingredients you may already have in your pantry.
  • Short prep and cooking time: Cook and serve in less than 30 minutes, making it a hassle-free option for busy home cooks.
  • Amazing flavors: A delightful blend of salty, savory, and slightly sweet with buttery notes.
  • Family-friendly and kid-approved: Appeals to adults and children. My kids love dipping in veggie sticks and spreading on toast.
  • Budget-friendly: Ingredients are cheap and readily available, especially at the peak of summer when there’s an abundance of zucchini.
  • Basic kitchen equipment: Requires essential tools you likely already have, including skillet or sauté pan and stovetop. 
  • Easy-to-follow directions: Straightforward instructions and simple cooking techniques make it accessible for all skill levels. 
A serving of low-carb zucchini herb butter in a brown bowl.

How to Make Zucchini Butter with Herbs

There are lots of infused butter flavors to love, but zucchini butter takes the cake for its sheer simplicity, the resourcefulness of using up an abundant summer harvest, and the remarkable balance of flavors. To make this delicious herb-infused zucchini recipe, you only need basic ingredients like butter, fresh herbs, seasonings, and of course, zucchini. 

This recipe is quick and easy to prepare, taking approximately 20 to 30 minutes from start to finish. Grate the zucchini, cook it slowly in butter or olive oil, and turn it into a nice vegetable jam that’s perfect for crackers, toast, and low-carb pasta.

Scroll to the bottom of this post for a printable recipe card with a full list of ingredients, measurements, and step-by-step instructions to make this easy zucchini butter with herbs.

Ingredients You Need

  • Salt
  • Pepper
  • Garlic
  • Basil
  • Mint
  • Zucchini: Go for small- to medium-sized zucchini (ideally six to eight inches in length) with smooth and glossy skin as they tend to be sweeter with a more tender texture that’s suitable for cooking.
  • Fat: Use unsalted butter to add depth and richness to the spread’s flavor. You can also use olive oil or coconut oil. 

This herb-infused zucchini butter recipe won’t have you breaking the bank, especially if you’re growing some of the ingredients yourself in a vertical garden or outdoor herb garden. Otherwise, you can easily find zukes and herbs in your local grocery store or farmers’ market, which is no doubt the best place to buy organic farm-fresh produce.

Zucchini herb butter recipe on a bowl. A view of the mountain on the background.

Step-by-Step Instructions

Homemade herb-infused zucchini butter is more budget-friendly than if you buy a pre-made version in specialty stores. It also allows me to customize and control the ingredients according to my taste and dietary preferences. Best of all, it takes only 30 minutes to prepare this spread! There’s no reason not to try it.

  1. Trim and shred zucchini. Use a large-hole box grater or food processor. Place grated zucchini in a colander and let it sit. After five minutes, use your hands to press down on grated zucchini and apply gentle pressure to remove the excess water. 
  2. Cook and serve. Heat skillet on low to medium heat. Melt the butter and sauté minced garlic until golden brown. Toss in grated zucchini and herbs, and season with salt and black pepper. Stir to combine all ingredients, dish out and serve warm.

You might wonder if the zucchini can be replaced with cucumber. That’s a no. These ingredients are too different from each other to work in this recipe. Instead, keep cucumbers for salads, dips, and appetizers, like this yummy tuna salad with cucumber bites recipe. Yet another way to enjoy summer produce!


The thing with zucchini butter is that there’s no one-size-fits-all recipe, so there’s plenty of room for creativity and resourcefulness. I know some people who only use three ingredients like zucchini, butter, and garlic; while others add onions, shallots, lemon juice or lemon zest, and a bit of heavy cream for extra thickness. And if you don’t have zucchini, you can sub with yellow summer squash instead! 

Try adding the herbs at the end of cooking to get that extra herbaceous kick. Mix things up a bit with fresh thyme, rosemary, or dill. Feel free to experiment; this is just how I like it best.

Expert Tips

  • Opt for organic or homegrown zukes. Fresh, organically produced zucchini have superior flavor and texture compared to store-bought versions.
  • Taste and adjust. I always recommend taste-testing the butter mixture and adjusting the seasoning as needed.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with various ingredients and ratios, and keep note of what works best so you can easily whip up your favorite combinations in the future.
  • When cooking, reduce the heat and stir often. The goal is to get rid of the excess moisture from the zucchini until it melts into a flavorful and easily spreadable paste. If the zucchini starts to stick and turn dark brown, add two tablespoons of water and turn down the heat a bit. 
  • Want to make zucchini butter more kid-friendly? Use mild seasonings like garlic or onion powder to make it more appealing to kids’ palates. Replace basil and mint with milder herbs like parsley or chives. Sprinkle with Parmesan or cheddar cheese, and get creative with the dish presentation. Get your little ones involved in cooking!

Storage Tips

Zucchini butter is best consumed at room temperature. Once cooled, transfer the remaining butter to a tight-lid jar or container and store it in the fridge for about one to two weeks

To extend the shelf-life, you can freeze your zucchini butter by transferring it to a freezer-safe container. It can last up to 6 months in the freezer if properly stored.

To reheat, transfer the desired amount of zucchini butter to a skillet and heat it over low to medium heat. You can also microwave it for 20 to 30 seconds at medium power. Don’t forget to stir between intervals so the mixture is evenly heated. 

What to Serve with Herb-infused Zucchini Butter 

This deliciously soft spread has thousands of uses. Herb-infused zucchini butter pairs well with a variety of side dishes, like omelets and scrambled eggs. Here are more ideas for what to serve with this recipe:

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A serving of low-carb zucchini herb butter in a brown bowl.

Zucchini Herb Butter Recipe (Low-Carb, Ketogenic, and Paleo)

Zucchini herb butter is a creamy, thick spread of summer squash, butter, and herbs. 1Use this as a side vegetable or topping to add healthy fats to any meal.
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Prep Time 10 minutes
20 minutes
Total Time 30 minutes
Course Sauces, Dressings, and Dips
Cuisine American
Servings 4
Calories 244 kcal


  • 2 pounds zucchini
  • ½ cup butter
  • 1 clove garlic minced
  • 1 handful fresh basil chopped
  • 2 sprigs fresh mint chopped
  • salt and ground black pepper


  • Coarsely grate the zucchini. Let it drain in a colander for 5 minutes, press down with the back of a spoon to excrete extra water.
    2 pounds zucchini
  • In a skillet, warm butter and saute garlic for one minute. Add zucchini and herbs, stir well to combine. Cook on medium heat for 15-20 minutes, until the squash is a spreadable consistency. Stir occasionally so as not to burn the vegetables. It is ready once the zucchini is of a jam-like consistency.
    1/2 cup butter, 1 clove garlic, 1 handful fresh basil, 2 sprigs fresh mint, salt and ground black pepper


Adapted from an original recipe by caterer Jennie Cook

Nutrition & Macros

Calories: 244kcalCarbohydrates: 7gProtein: 3gFat: 24gSaturated Fat: 15gSodium: 221mgFiber: 4gNet Carbohydrates: 3g

To obtain the most accurate representation of the nutritional information in a given recipe, please calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients and amounts used, using your preferred nutrition calculator. Under no circumstances shall the this website and the author be responsible for any loss or damage resulting for your reliance on the given nutritional information.

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