Slow Cooked Organ Meat Stew Recipe

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Slow cooked organ meat stew is a delicious recipe and very budget friendly too. It’s great to find organ meat recipes you actually want to eat! With a few simple modifications, this stew can be added to your collection of easy keto recipes too.

Organ meats provide many health benefits and are very affordable foods. They are not to be missed!

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Why do people eat offal?

There are many benefits of organ meats. Taking as much as possible from an animal lets little to nothing go to waste. No one likes wasting food, this is especially true if you raise the animal yourself and want to maximize your efforts.

Offal, is the general term for organs. These parts have an important and respected place in traditional diets around the world as beneficial, and in some cases, medicinal foods.

All organ meats are concentrated sources of easily digested nutrition. For this reason alone they are worth eating. If you are recovering from a nutrtionally deficient vegan or vegetarian diet or pregnant or breastfeeding you have an added demand for bioavailable nutrients. Aside from amino acids, offal also contains fat soluble vitamins and minerals found in great abundance.

Organ meats are largely absent from modern day Western diets but this is really to your benefit because this means they are very budget friendly. Organ meat is notorious for being some of the most affordable parts brought to market.

If you have the pleasure of buying directly from a rancher or a small local butcher, ask if they can source your offal. You may find they even give it away!

Offal recipes are gaining popularity and now included in many newer diet types:

This easy organ meat soup meal would be great for any of these diets. It’s made with low carb and low oxalate diet approved ingredients, free from common allergens such as soy, corn, eggs, dairy, and nightshades.

Organ meat recipes

What is the healthiest organ meat?

The healthiest organ meat comes from animals that eat a clean diet and live a non-toxic environment with good quality of life. Most commonly, organ meats are sourced from beef, bison, lamb, and chicken. Mutton, rabbit, goat and pork offal may be found as well. Choose a grass-fed, organic, or pasture-raised animal whenever possible.

Comparing organ to organ doesn’t matter much. Even though people usually start with liver because it’s nutritional profile is known to be off the charts, there isn’t one organ that stands above all others. 

Liver pate is very popular, especially on keto and carnivore diets. For those interested in cooking liver without flour, don’t miss my recipe tips!

Other organs like kidney and heart deserve some attention too. That’s why I made them the featured ingredients for this slow cooked organ meat recipe.

budget friendly family easy organ meat offal soup stew recipe

How to Make Organ Meat Stew

Making this slow-cooked organ meat stew is easy and straightforward. It’s a good recipe for beginners or advanced nose to tail eaters. Without any modifications, you can serve this on a keto diet and to low carb, paleo, and primal dieters. It is also naturally gluten free, grain free, dairy free, and sugar free.

Begin by preparing the organs. Trim off any connective tissues and large vessels from the heart; cut into 1 to ½-inch cubes. Cut kidney into similar sized pieces. The smaller the pieces of meat, the better. Leave the fat on both the heart and kidney. Add meat to the pot.

Dice the onion and mince garlic. Chop the cauliflower, mushrooms, and parsley. Arrange over the meat.

Season with salt and pepper.

Pour in bone broth or water.

Bring the pot to a boil and then lower heat down to a simmer. Maintain this for 2-3 hours until the heart is very tender.

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Organ meat recipes

Slow Cooked Carnivore Stew Recipe (Zero-Fiber)

This is written as a keto carnivore recipe, but if you prefer, follow the directions above for trimming and cutting the meat and omit all plant ingredients that you don’t do well with.

Slow cook the heart and kidney together in broth for 2-3 hours.

You might want to use the Carnivore Diet Bone Broth Recipe as a substitute for my Traditional Homemade Beef Bone Broth or Slow Cooker Bone Broth.

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Slow Cooker / Crock Pot option for Organ Meat Stew

You can also cook organ meat soup in your slow cooker or crock pot.

Follow the original recipe directions but instead of cooking in a stockpot, add all the ingredient to a crock pot or slow cooker.

Cook on low for 4-6 hours, until heart is very tender.

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Where do you buy organ meats?

The best place to buy organ meats is from the person who either raised or butchered the animal. This means connecting with the farmer themselves or a local butcher. Getting as close as possible to your source of food is of great value. To find a food producer in your area, search online at the US and Canadian directory at Eat Wild. There are international listings but they are a bit sparse.

If nothing shows up in your area, buy organ meat online

US Wellness – grass-fed liver, heart, kidney, tongue, bones and more (from beef, chicken, lamb, and bison). Their ground beef blend with organs is an excellent way to disguise these cuts in normal recipes.

CrowdCow – kidney, liver, heart (from beef and chicken)

budget friendly family easy organ meat offal soup stew recipe

Slow Cooked Organ Meat Stew

Jessica Haggard
Slow cooked organ meat stew is a delicious recipe and very budget friendly too. It is easy to make and great for beginning as well as advanced nose to tail eaters.
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Prep Time 20 mins
Cook Time 4 hrs
Total Time 4 hrs 20 mins
Course Dinner, Soup
Cuisine Traditional
Servings 8
Calories 245 kcal



  • Trim off any connective tissues and large vessels from the heart; cut into 1 to ½-inch cubes. Cut kidney into similar sized pieces. Leave the fat on both the heart and kidney. Add to a large stockpot.
  • Arrange the onion, garlic, cauliflower, mushrooms, and parsley over the meat. Season with salt. Add peppercorn.
  • Pour in bone broth.
  • Bring to just boiling on the stove over medium heat. Reduce heat and maintain a steady simmer for 2-3 hours until heart is tender.

Crock Pot / Slow Cooker Option

  • Trim and prepare the heart and kidney. Put it in the crockpot. Add the remaining ingredients. Cook on low for 4-6 hours, until heart is tender.


Substitute beef heart and/or kidney with another organ from a ruminant such as lamb, bison, mutton etc. Do not use chicken organs.

Nutrition & Macros

Calories: 245kcalCarbohydrates: 6gProtein: 40gFat: 7gSaturated Fat: 2gCholesterol: 374mgSodium: 473mgPotassium: 758mgFiber: 2gSugar: 2gVitamin A: 950IUVitamin C: 46mgCalcium: 38mgIron: 8mg

To obtain the most accurate representation of the nutritional information in a given recipe, please calculate the nutritional information with the actual ingredients and amounts used, using your preferred nutrition calculator. Under no circumstances shall the this website and the author be responsible for any loss or damage resulting for your reliance on the given nutritional information.

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Have you prepared organs before? What role do they have in your diet? Let me know in the comments below!

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18 thoughts on “Slow Cooked Organ Meat Stew Recipe”

  1. I tried to cook a keto version of lambs fry a while back using lambs liver which is readily available in australia. I really wanted to like it but found the after taste too strange. I persisted and almost got through the meal but in the end couldn’t finish it. I was thinking maybe pate could be a better option. What’s the taste of heart like. I supose all offal meat has a similar twang to it.

    • Pates are a good “beginners” recipe. Blend up the liver with lots of butter, cream, and herbs. Serve with celery sticks or cucumber slices. I think heart has a very mellow flavor. It is different from liver. Liver can be a bit touchy to cook also, if you cook it too long – not good. If you cook it not long enough – not good. I had to practice a lot before I got the timing and cooking temperature just right. Go ahead and give heart a try!

    • I like ground heart the most. It is easy to mix in with ground beef. Use 25% beef heart to 75% normal muscle meat. Then move up to 50+%. Tell me how it goes!

  2. We were raised to use everything from an animal we killed. Its all edible, and delicious. There is certain things you do however. Kidneys should never be consumed without soaking in salt water for a few hours. Overnight is best. Steak and kidney pie is my favorite. This recipe sounds great for a slow cooker.

  3. I have used 1 ox heart, 1 ox liver and lambs liver. I have been cooking it in my slow cooker for about an hour now. I gave a piece of liver a taste. Wow intense flavor. Gonna take time to get used to it!!

    • These are sourced from local grass-fed beef. Any cud chewing animal would be great, goat, elk, moose, deer, bison… Beef is what we have readily available so it is what we use the most of. Here in Ecuador, it is pretty much chicken or beef. We don’t eat much chicken and have not mixed and matched the two together.


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