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8 Ketogenic Chicken Soup Recipes

Keep your immune system strong all winter long with these 8 ketogenic chicken soups. From the classic ketogenic chicken soup recipe to cheesy slow cooked chicken soup, spicy broth, and bowls of creamy avocado low-carb goodness… this post has it all!

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If you make homemade chicken broth or prefer to purchase it ahead of time, it doesn’t matter. You can use either one in these recipes.

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Chicken bone broth a wonderful low-carb ingredient and can be enjoyed as often as you like on a keto diet.

It is loaded with amino acids, collagen, and proteins that helps many different parts of the human body. Broths are used to boost the immune system, heal leaky gut and improve joint and skin health. Chicken broth may also reduce cellulite and minimize food intolerance and allergies. Studies also show that bone broth plays a role in healing disorders like allergies, asthma, and arthritis. To read more about the benefits of broth, read The Ultimate Guide to Bone Broth.

My ketogenic, low-carb training manual, The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook, teaches you all about broths and important organ meats. I include recipes for beef, chicken and fish broths plus a number of ways to use them.

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Enjoy nourishing your self and staying warm from the inside out!

8 Ketogenic Chicken Soup Recipes

Lemon Chicken Soup with Cauliflower Rice – A Saucy Kitchen

ketogenic chicken soup saucy kitchen

Chicken Detox Soup – A Spicy Perspecitve

A spicy perspective ketogenic chicken soup

Avocado Chicken Soup with Lime and Cilantro – Mealime

mealime ketogenic chicken soup

 Kettle and Fire: Shelf Stable High-Quality Chicken, Beef and Mushroom Broths ketogenic chicken soup kf 3Chicken Zoodle Soup – Damn Delicious

damn delicious ketogenic chicken soup

Keto White Chicken Chili – Hey Keto Mama

ketogenic chicken soup hey keto mama

Crock Pot Mexican Chicken Soup – Low Carb Yum

ketogenic chicken soup LCYUM

Grandma’s Homemade Chicken Soup – Grandma’s Gluten Free Recipes

ketogenic chicken soup grandma

Roasted Poblano Chicken Cauliflower Soup – The Novice Chef Blog

novice chef ketogenic chicken soup

Green Chicken Enchilada Soup – I Breathe I’m Hungry

ketogenic chicken soup

For anyone who want to sign up with Kettle and Fire for a monthly or quarterly bone broth subscription, you’ll save 25% (on top of already free shipping) and get bone broth on a regular basis. This makes it easy to incorporate the benefits of bone broth into your lives without the hassle of re-ordering it all the time.

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