45+ Best Gifts for Keto Lovers in 2021

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These are the absolute best gifts for keto dieters you’ll find anywhere! With more than 45 unique and thoughtful suggestions, you’re sure to find the perfect gift for any remarkable man, woman, friend, or family member in your life. Browse through this list of treats, subscription boxes, clothes, kitchenware, and more low-carb gift ideas.

Gift ideas for keto dieters

Holiday Gifts for Keto Dieters

Whether you are shopping for holiday gifts, birthday presents, or something to celebrate a special occasion, you’ll find suitable gift ideas here!

With unique, thoughtful, and practical suggestions, there’s something for everyone on your list, including men, women, friends, teens, and even children too. 

Quality food and organic personal care products never go out of style! 

Turn to this health and fitness gift guide in the winter as Christmas approaches and again during the spring for Mother’s day. Of course, the ideas apply to father’s day gifts too! You can’t forget about keto gifts for men.

Christmas gifts for keto dieters

Are you set on creating gifts from scratch? Hop over to view these easy DIY gifts you can make at home!

If there’s a bookworm you’re shopping for, our recommended reading list has suggestions that will fill a library.

Top 10 Keto Gift Ideas

I’ve got you covered with our list of top keto gift ideas, perfect for your keto-loving friend. Whether they’re deep into their keto journey or just starting out, these gifts will help make sticking to their goals easier and more enjoyable. Finding the right present just got simpler, ensuring they can enjoy their keto lifestyle with a little more fun and flair.

A collection of shop cook books in a white background.
Primal Edge Health Cookbooks
Our keto and carnivore diet cookbooks are useful kitchen resources for single chefs, keto couples, and multi-diet families. Everyone should have their own copies!
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Lamb meat in a pan with herbs.
Keto Carnivore Support Group
Give your loved one ongoing support through their dietary transition or a hard time getting back on track with weekly coaching calls and an intimate health-focused community.
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high quality keto carnivore supplements
Highly Effective Adaptogen & Superfood Supplements by CHOQ
Share high-quality adaptogens for adrenal and hormone support with anyone who wants to stand out in the modern world awash with endocrine-disrupting chemicals, microplastics, and soy culture.

Use code BIG60 for 60% off an individual purchase or BIG53LIFE for 53% off a subscription.
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Various Butcherbox meat packages.
Meat Delivery Subscription from ButcherBox
Grass-fed and grass-finished beef, free-range organic chicken, and heritage breed pork delivered to your door. Read my full ButcherBox review for more about their service.
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A piece of steak on a rustic slate table.
Speciality & Gourmet Animal Foods
Order specialty items like bone broth, pemmican, raw milk cheese, steaks and more from US Wellness Meats (shipping to US & Canada). Skip the fudge – pass the liverwurst!
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Spices in wooden spoons don't Amazon affiliate.
Organic Spices and Gourmet Salts
Any foodie will swoon over unique salts like Cyprus Flake Salt and the wide selection of Epicurean Seasoning Blends. Organic and sustainably harvested herbs and spices add a burst of flavor to every dish!
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Joovv promo image of red light therapy.
Red Light Therapy Device by Joovv
The gift of health keeps on giving! RLT is an investment we’ve made for our whole family and is now an integral part of our daily routine. Get a discount code and read Benefits of Red Light Therapy.
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Pure ceramic cookware brands
Pure Ceramic Cook and Bakeware
I was gifted a skillet and a few baking dishes multiple years ago and still use the pieces every week! The pros and cons of owning ceramic cookware are mapped out in this Xtrema review.
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keto friendly Christmas gift
Keto Meal Plans by Real Plans
Help a busy friend dial in their meal plan and simplify meal prep with a meal planning app with custom shopping lists and weekly meal plans ideal. It’s a huge time and sanity saver, particularly for multi-diet households!
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keto friendly gift
Low-Carb Baking Mixes & Sweetener by Lakanto
Who wouldn’t love receiving keto-friendly cookies, muffin, and pancake mixes? Forget about meal prepping ahead, just open the bag, mix and bake. Lakanto has many delicious keto treats and zero calorie sugar substitutes.
Use the code PRIMALEDGEHEALTH for 20% off!
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Sugar-Free Food Gifts for Keto Dieters

Looking for the perfect gift for someone who’s all about that keto life? Check out our picks for the best sugar-free food gifts that’ll make any keto dieter smile. I’ve got everything they’ll love, from snacks to treats that ditch the sugar but keep all the flavor, making sticking to their goals that much sweeter.

Servings of keto hot chocolate on a wooden surface.
Healthy Hot Chocolate Mix
Double or triple this hot chocolate mix in a bowl, then divide into multiple little glass jars, and tie each one with a bow! Print out the directions and fold them up like a card. It’s a quick and easy gift idea!
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Christmas gifts for keto dieters
Sugar-Free Vanilla Extract
Speed up the infusion time of your homemade extract by using an instant pot. This is a great recipe to divide and share with everyone on your list.
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Homemade peanut butter cups keto
3 Ingredient Keto Peanut Butter Cups
Full of healthy fats and a delicious chocolate peanut butter combination, these healthy homemade keto Reese’s cups are way better than anything you’ll find in the store!
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cheap gifts for someone on a keto diet
Keto Trail Mix
Your friend can grab this snack and take it with them anywhere. It’s just a simple mix of nuts, chocolate, and dried fruit but low-carb and sugar-free!
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Easy sauerkraut recipe.
Homemade Raw Sauerkraut
Fermented foods are great for holiday gift giving. There’s plenty to go around, and sauerkraut only gets better with age, so you can make one batch and have something on hand for last-minute and forgotten gift giving.
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keto diet gift guide
Keto Christmas Cookies in a Jar
Give a tasty treat in a mason jar! This creative Christmas cookie mix is great for the holidays, but also a delicious keto snack all year long.
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Ketogenic Chocolate Chip Cookies on cooling rack.
Keto Chocolate Chip Cookies
Skip the junky carbs and delight your friend with a homemade low-carb version of everyone’s favorite cookie. These are family and freezer-friendly so everyone can enjoy them together.
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Gifts for someone on a keto diet
Homemade Keto Mug Cake Mix
Here’s an easy and inexpensive gift idea. Blend the dry mix, then pair it with a cute mug and some bottles of sugar-free syrup. From start to finish the gift is ready in minutes!
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Pickled hard boiled eggs in a jar on a wooden surface.
Easy Pickled Eggs
Make ahead and check it off your gift list. These tangy eggs are a fun and unique gift idea for the dedicated foodie or vintage lover in your life.
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What to get someone on a keto diet
Low-Carb Pumpkin Muffin Gift In A Jar
Give this tasty low-carb muffin mix in a mason jar. It’s a family-friendly idea for a quick fix to busy morning meal prep.
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Non-Toxic Personal Care Products

Delightful for him and her! These handcrafted personal care products are all natural, organic gifts that will put a smile on anyone’s face.

organic gifts for women
Neroli Scrub Butter
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keto gift for women
Natural Perfumes & Oils
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gifts for men on keto
Natural Facial Care for Men
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health conscious gift ideas
Natural Deodorant
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non toxic gift ideas
Relaxing Bath Salts
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Keto Apparel & Personalized Gifts

Step up your keto game with our stylish range of keto apparel and personalized gifts! These trendy designs and custom options let you flaunt your keto pride in style. Perfect for gifting or treating yourself, these pieces are sure to turn heads and spark conversations about your healthy lifestyle choices.

Black shirt with
Carnivore Shirt
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A pink shirt, jeans and white shoes on a white surface.
They See Me Rollin Shirt
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A black shirt with
Real Women Eat Meat Shirt
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A blue shirt with
Keto Girl in a Carbie World Shirt
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Black shirt with the text
Powered by Meat Shirt
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A knife and a wooden cutting board.
Personalized Cutting Board
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Labelled food containers on a white surface.
Personalized Storage Container with Bamboo Lid
Check out this recipe
A spoon with the words josh's soup spoon on it.
Personalized Soup Spoon
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A navy apron with the word gillie's kitchen on it.
Personalized Apron
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Various kitchen towels on a wooden surface.
Funny Dish Towels
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Handcrafted Kitchen Tools

Explore the charm of handcrafted kitchen tools that not only look good but make cooking a breeze! These unique, well-made pieces add a personal touch to your kitchen, making every meal a little more special. If you love cooking and want your tools to reflect your passion, these handcrafted items are perfect for boosting both your kitchen’s style and your cooking game.

A stack of ceramic bowls.
Hand-Finished Ceramic Bowls
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A person wearing a blue apron and white long sleeve shirt.
Japanese Cross Back Linen Apron
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A wooden tray on top of a cream colored cloth.
Wooden Walnut Farmhouse Board
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Several wooden bowls on a wooden surface.
Cheese Tub With Spreader
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A stack of reusable paper towels with different colors.
Reusable Paperless Towels
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