17 DIY Bath and Body Recipes that Make Great Homemade Gifts

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Make DIY bath and body recipes for gifts and give them to all your friends and family this year! These healthy, non-toxic self-care ideas are perfect for Christmas, birthdays, and any special occasion when you want to show some love.

DIY Bath and Body recipes Homemade gifts

Homemade DIY Gifts

We all have so much “stuff’ these days. So why not skip the store-bought plastic-wrapped products and make something by hand instead?

What’s an easy homemade gift I can make that someone will actually want to receive? I know that’s a question that comes up every winter as Christmas approaches, if not before.

Don’t waste time, energy, or money. Everyone enjoys a little pampering but there’s nothing frivolous about these natural self-care products you can make at home. They are great for a birthday, holiday, or special occasion gift throughout the year because handmade personal care recipes never go out of style.

All of the ideas included here are unique, 100% handmade, and will add real value to the recipient’s life! With options for women, men, and teenagers, so you can tick everyone off your list. 

As a bonus, many recipes make large batches with enough to share with multiple people. For example, a single soap recipe will usually make nine or more bars of soap. My lip balm recipe below makes 12 tubes of lip balm. Pick a few and spread the love all around! You can even keep some for yourself.

If you want to skip the DIY process and buy something instead, browse through this list of gifts for keto dieters instead.

Natural Bath and Beauty Product Gift Ideas

These homemade recipes create multiple units per batch, so you can make the recipe once and have enough to share around with all your friends! This list covers everything you need to soothe your skin and relax your mind, from soaps to candles, lotion and more. Gather your materials and get busy!

Cold-processed soap with tallow.
Rosemary Lime Cold Processed Soap Recipe
This recipe yields about one pound of soap, slice it up and share! Substitute with any essential oil if you want a different scent, the recipe is very easy to modify.
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Tallow soaps on a brown surface.
Pure Tallow Soap Recipe
Ideal for those with sensitive skin. Tallow is known to soothe and nourish. It is a great thing for someone who has "tried it all".
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A tallow candle is lit on a table in front of a dark background.
Sustainable Homemade Candles
Homemade tallow candles are 100% natural and organic without a trace of potentially toxic materials. They are an easy-to-make, non-toxic, and affordable alternative to store-bought candles.
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Easy DIY lip balm recipe with beef tallow.
DIY Lip Balm Recipe
Lip balm is easy to make, fun, and may even save you money if you happen to have most of the ingredients around your house already!
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A woman's brown eyes, with severely dry skin.
Homemade Wrinkle Cream
Make a soft homemade wrinkle cream in just three easy steps. Tallow-based cream is highly recommended for sensitive skin, it will nourish the area from the outside in and promote smooth clear skin.
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Three open tins of homemade beef tallow moisturizer.
Homemade Moisturizer Recipe
With an easy process, this is a luxurious all-purpose DIY daily lotion for spreading on legs, arms, and face.
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A woman's gentle hand carefully cradles a newborn baby's tiny foot, radiating love and tenderness.
Non-toxic Baby Lotion
This 2-ingredient non-toxic baby lotion recipe is simple, yet gentle on the baby’s sensitive skin. The homemade balm doubles for baby massage oil and will soothe diaper rashes and irritating bug bites.
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homemade stocking suffer gifts
Melt and Pour Christmas Soap Recipes
Gift a Christmas-themed soap to everyone you know this year! Melt and pour soaps are simple enough for any beginner.
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Natural Bath and Body Project Kits

Not quite ready to start from scratch? That’s ok! Take a look at these easy and affordable kits that walk you through the process of making luxurious homemade gifts from start to finish. You can make the project yourself or give the whole kit away instead! Gift wrapping is optional, so make a request for it, if ordering a pre-wrapped gift will help you save even more time.

easy diy gift ideas
DIY Lip Balm Kit
Pick up this epic collection of ingredients and tools for making shea and coconut butter-based lip balm. A single kit yields 15 lip balms and has all the pieces you need from tins to tubes, trays, and labels. It’s all here!
Buy Now
DIY beauty gifts
All-Natural DIY Lotion Kit
This lotion is all-natural and chemical-free, made without stabilizers, preservatives, parabens, or other unrecognizable ingredients. Blend hemp oil, beeswax, water, and optional essential oils into a light and silky cream for the whole body.
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DIY Bath and body product gifts
Candle Making Kit
Making candles has never been easier than it is with this kit. Even a beginner can walk away with a gorgeous set of 2 6-ounce candles without breaking a sweat.
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Homemade beauty gifts
Flower & Milk Bath Soaks Kit
Do you know someone who can benefit from a relaxing bath? Not only are these mini bath soaks super cute, but the herbal add-ins promote stress relief and relaxation.
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homemade soap gifts
DIY Goat Milk Soap Making Kit
Here’s a fun gift to make with your children. Start with a creamy goat milk soap base and add dried flowers, oats, herbs, and essential oils until you create the perfect handmade soap bars!
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DIY gift bath and body products
Bath Bomb Making Kit
Make 12 molded bath bombs infused with pure therapeutic-grade essential oils! This kit has everything you need, including pre-measured ingredients and essential equipment.
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homemade candle gift kit
Tea-Light Candle Making Kit
Choose a beautifully packaged candle kit for scented tea lights to give as a kit or make yourself. These little lights make nice a addition to the patio, bath, or reading nook.
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First published December 8, 2019

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