21 Low-Carb Holiday Seafood Recipes

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Fill your Christmas dinner menu with holiday seafood recipes! Choose healthy appetizers, sides, and entrees with low-carb and keto ingredients and you’ll stay on your diet through all the feasting. Wow dinner guests with seafood for the holidays and amazing flavor.

christmas seafood ideas

Easy Holiday Seafood Recipes

Fill your keto meal planner with these keto seafood recipes that are so good, even your non-keto friends and family will enjoy them. Having a plan ahead makes holiday meal planning significantly easier. We’re preparing to celebrate, not stress!

There’s no excuse to go off track during Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s holidays with such delicious, low-carb recipes.

Find your favorite recipes, set the table with style, and gather loved ones together to celebrate.

Fish and seafood are just as decadent as any other animal protein if made right. These are lighter alternatives to beef and pork, but still just as special!

I highly recommend homemade fish stock as a base for soups and sauces. It’s pretty easy to make but brings an incredible flavor to any dish.

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More Keto Holiday Recipes

Are you looking for more of the best keto holiday recipes? 

Keep browsing these low-carb recipe collections:

Need it all in one place? Check out this post for an entirely comprehensive list of favorite keto holiday recipes!

Holiday Fish and Seafood Appetizers & Hors d’oeuvres

Nothing gets a holiday party going like serving a Christmas seafood platter of appetizers. Lavish your guests with these holiday seafood dishes. It’s a perfect way to prime your party for a seafood feast.

tuna cucumber bites featured image
Spicy Low-Carb Tuna Salad Cucumber Bites
Basil and garlic tuna salad served on cucumber slices makes a refreshing appetizer. It is a delightful mouthful of flavor that is simple to prepare. Keep your food prep load light with these no-bake low-carb finger foods.
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A batch of shrimp with lime slices on a white plate.
10 Minute Blackened Shrimp
Blackened shrimp is made in just ten minutes! Serve this festive seafood appetizer with toothpicks. Your guests will love popping them in their mouths.
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Scallops wrapped in bacon in a blue bowl.
Scallops Wrapped in Bacon
Surf n' turf just got surprisingly simple with bacon-wrapped scallops. This classy Christmas seafood recipe is a perfect hors d'oeuvres to kick off the holiday party. With five ingredients, you've got an amazing starter.
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A batch of keto smoked salmon on a wire rack.
Keto Smoked Salmon
Keto Smoked Salmon is an elegant addition to your collection of holiday fish recipes. You'll love this recipe on low-carb crackers with a bit of cream cheese. Plus, leftovers will be great on New Year's too!
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Tandoori tiger prawns on a stick.
Tandoori Shrimp
These Indian-style marinated shrimp or prawns bring something different to your holiday party. Grill or air fry in only ten minutes. The bitesize apps pack a flavorful punch.
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Mussels with lemon slices in a square plate.
Steamed Mussels
Have a special treat of Steamed Mussels in less than 10 minutes! These delicacies are cooked in a creamy vegetable broth and served with limes. They will surely whet the appetites of your Christmas crowd.
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A batch of smoked salmon cucumber rolls on a white plate.
Smoked Salmon Cucumber Rolls
Get your guests excited to feast with these Smoked Salmon Cucumber rolls. It's a show-stopping presentation of pink and green rolled up and held together with a toothpick. Although they look fancy, they can be made in twenty minutes!
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Holiday Seafood Soups and Sides

Give these unique dishes a co-starring role in your seafood holiday menu. These crowd-pleasing recipes are sure to bring your Christmas spread to star status. Your guests will love them and you’ll love how easy it is to prepare them. 

Shrimp soup.
Spicy Brazilian Shrimp Soup
Warm your guests from the winter cold with this spicy Brazilian shrimp soup. It is flavored with roasted tomato, bell pepper, and garlic and made specifically to fit ketogenic macros. This recipe is based on the original Brazilian dish, Moqueca de Camarones.
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Two servings of oyster soup on a wooden surface.
Oyster Stew (Low Carb & Gluten-free)
Traditional Christmas or New Year's Eve oyster stew just got better with this low-carb version. Satiate your cravings for this classic stew without sacrificing your diet. This gluten-free oyster stew is hearty and simple to make even on Christmas eve.
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Crab mac and cheese in a white dish.
Keto Crab Mac and Cheese
Take creamy cauliflower mac and cheese over the top with crab! You know it's a party when crab is served with this all-time favorite comfort food. Indulge in the best holiday seafood recipes but without all the carbs.
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Zuppa di pesce in a blue bowl on a wooden surface.
Zuppa di Pesce (Italian Fish Soup)
Who knew classic Italian fish soup was this easy to make? You can use practically any fish or shellfish you'd like. This is a great recipe to serve at your family-friendly seafood holiday dinner.
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A bowl of Cioppino served with bread.
Cioppino Seafood Stew
Make this special one-pot holiday meal this year. Cioppino is a rich San Franciscan seafood stew filled with shrimp, clams, mussels, white fish, and crab legs simmered in a broth made from tomatoes, white wine, and fish stock. This may just be one of the best seafood recipes for the holidays.
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A batch of shrimp mixed with lemon slices.
Old Bay Recipe for Shrimp
Tender shrimp is perfectly seasoned with Old Bay. Simply boil the shrimp with seasoning a lemon for this popular side dish. Plus, you can serve shrimp on a bed of lettuce for a quick and delicious salad.
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Seafood Holiday Dinner Ideas

Make these holiday seafood recipes the main attraction this year for your Christmas party. Whether you are cooking for a crowd or an intimate gathering, one of these impeccable seafood Christmas dinner ideas is for you. They are full of flavor and naturally low carb.

Herb citrus salmon in a black bowl.
Herb and Citrus Roasted Salmon
This Citrus Herb Roasted Salmon is an obvious choice for a holiday entree. It is packed with the fresh flavors of lemon juice, herbs, olive oil, and white wine. Make this salmon dish in a total of twenty minutes!
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A batch of lobsters sitting on a pink surface.
Easy Broiled Lobster Tail
Broiled lobster tail screams celebration! You cannot go wrong with this quintessential party food. Paired with champagne and your guests will be talking about this through the New Year.
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Pan seared chilean sea bass with slices of lemon on a white plate.
Pan Seared Chilean Sea Bass
Easy pan-seared fish is just so juicy and good, you've got to try it! Drench this flaky fish in the lemon garlic herb butter sauce and your guests will go home happy. The best part is how simple it is to make. Will this be a new part of your holiday tradition?
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A batch of herb crusted salmon garnished.
Herb Crusted Salmon
Herb-crusted salmon is a beautiful centerpiece in a spread of seafood holiday recipes. Moist, pink filets of salmon are covered with crispy green herbs and garlic. It is a gorgeous flavor and color combination, perfect for the feast of the seven fishes.
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Slices of fish and lemon on a white plate garnished.
Air Fryer Tilapia
For an intimate holiday dinner, making tilapia in the air fryer is a perfect entree. It's fast, full of flavor, and healthy. Serving with one or all of these sauces is highly recommended: Bang Bang Sauce, Zhoug, Chicken Wing Sauce, Eel Sauce, or Cilantro Dressing.
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Easy-baked-salmon with a garnish and a slice of lemon.
Easy Healthy Baked Salmon
Bake salmon for your family this holiday season. It's a nutritious entree that can be made in less than 30 minutes. Pair it with classic Christmas sides to round out the feast.
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A serving of spicy oven baked catfish on a place with a fork.
Baked Whole Catfish
This baked whole catfish recipe is keto-friendly and family-friendly! Blended peppers, ginger, garlic and herbs, thyme, dill, sage gives the dish a warming flavor perfect for a cold, winter night. The presentation is perfect for a holiday feast.
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Baked wild sockeye salmon with a slice being taking out of it.
Baked Wild Sockeye Salmon
Wild sockeye salmon is topped with an herbed garlic caper citrus crust that is mouth-watering. This impressive entree is ideal for entertaining during the holidays. It is absolutely luscious while also being easy to prepare.
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