Keto Shopping List Printable

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Use this Keto Shopping List printable when you next go to the grocery store. Stick to the outer aisles where all the veg, meat, and dairy are and don’t shop when you are hungry!

Keto shopping list printable by Primal Edge Health.

This keto diet grocery list focuses on unprocessed, whole foods that are available all over the world and needed for easy keto recipes.

Separated by common food categories like “Meat”, “Fats & Oils”, “Vegetables” etc, you will clearly see what is allowed on a low-carb, ketogenic diet.

Are mushrooms ok? What about root vegetables?

How can I connect with local farmers and food suppliers?

This keto shopping list printable has the answers!

Our Keto Shopping List Printable includes:

  • 2 page Keto Shopping List Printable
  • Tutorial on how to start sourcing from local/regional producers
  • Our collection of top-rated online retailers for quality keto foods, animal proteins, and fats.

In addition to the easy to read shopping list, I’ve included a brief tutorial with 3 simple steps to take so you can connect with local farmers and food suppliers, support the local economy, and eat seasonal foods.

Follow the steps I outline while you keep the 2 main goals I present and you’ll soon be on your way to saving money and creating valuable relationships within your community by buying directly from the folks who dedicate their lives to supply your nourishment.

The keto shopping list printable is rounded out with a page of top rated places to order keto-friendly ingredients online.

Specialty keto baking ingredients and organ meats (wondering why I think they are so important?) may be a little difficult to find at a store, depending on where you live.

I recommend coconut products on a keto diet too. Many of these foods are useful gluten-free and dairy-free substitutes for sweet and savory recipes.

How to Use Your Printable

  • Store a tri-folded print out in your glove box or handbag to check before or while you are at the store and farmer’s market.
  • Search through the list of directories I include to connect with local farmers and food suppliers, use zip code and/or state (Resources are best for US, UK, and Canada. Co-op Directory Service Listing is the only resource I know of for Australia)
  • Try new foods from my trusted affiliates. Need a box of canned wild-caught fish for packing in to you lunch? Looking for the best (never rancid!) coconut oil, flour, and chips? Interested in bone broth but not ready to make your own? I can recommend solutions for all these points and more!

The Keto Shopping List Printable is a new addition to our shop. The companion Keto Menu & Meal Planner is there too!

I hope this shopping guide makes your keto journey simple and easy! That’s always our goal in all that we do! We’re here to cut through the confusion and present a no nonsense approach to the ketogenic diet and lifestyle.

Download the Keto Food List

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Keep organized and stay focused by visually mapping out your info you can reference whenever needed. Follow these lists, so you know exactly what to eat and what to avoid on a keto diet.

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