Keto Pasta Alternatives + 10 Recipes

Keto Pasta Alternatives + 10 Recipes

Knowing how to make great tasting low-carb, keto alternatives to your favorite carb laden foods can make the transition to a ketogenic diet easier, increase the likelihood of adherence, and for seasoned low-carb enthusiasts expand your kitchen skillset. Stock your pantry with easy to use “noodles” and use these 10 keto pasta alternatives (which provide a better sources of nutrition than wheat-based pastas) to stay on track and reach your goals.  Dress these noodles with some of the incredible sauces from The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook or use some of the recipes compiled here.

Many of us grew up on pasta dinners and it can be tricky to find the right replacement, until you know where to look. Whether you are diabetic, looking to loose weight, or simply want to thrive in a state of ketosis to maintain the health and vitality, there are keto pasta alternatives for you!

These keto pasta alternatives are composed primarily of soluble vegetable fiber, which helps us stay fuller longer – some of them are less processed and more ideal than others, this list is designed to satisfy all levels of pickiness concerning food quality and nutrient density (we are very picky hehe). With added fat-based sauces and adequate protein, you will be satisfied and less likely to lose focus and break the pattern of low-carb, keto eating before you are ready.

Stock your pantry with keto pasta alternatives

These packaged low-carb noodles make purchasing keto pasta alternatives only a few clicks from your front door.

Kelp Noodles Made from kelp (a sea vegetable), these noodles are rich in fiber and various nutrients. They are gluten-free, very low-carb and can be prepared quickly.  These are a nutrient dense, iodine rich and highly favorable choice.

The “Miracle Noodle” True to its name, these konnyaku/shirataki based noodles are made from soluble fiber and are zero carb, gluten-free, non-GMO. There are a variety of styles; try this variety pack which includes 2 packs each of fettuccini, angel hair, and rice.  These taste great, but are a bit more processed than other options such as veggie noodles…the texture of these is great though!

Vegetable Noodles Prepare your own vegetable noodles at home in just a few minutes! With a spiralizer, you can quickly whip up a veggie based plate of pasta from fresh, nutrient-dense produce like zucchini, summer squash, cabbage, eggplant, broccoli stems and more! The image above is of a freshly spiralized zucchini. It is so beautiful, don’t you think?  These are our personal favorite.

Looking for delicious fat-based sauces to dress up your keto pasta alternatives?

Check out The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook and dive into the Sauces, Dips, and Dressings chapter entirely dedicated to such saucy delights!

10 Low-Carb Ketogenic “Pasta” Recipes


Zucchini Noodles with Creamy Avocado Pesto Sauce

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Keto Garlic Gnocchi

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Cilantro Lime Shrimp Scampi with Zucchini Noodles

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Diakon Noodle Pad Thai Bowl *skip the sugar in the sauce for a better keto recipe

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Sesame Almond Butter Zucchini Noodles

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Cabbage Noodle Tuna Casserole

Chicken Zoodle Soup

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Easy Eggplant Lasagna

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Spinach and Ricotta Stuffed Ravioli


Low-Carb Beef and Cauliflower Pasta Bake

Keto Pasta Alternatives

Our Low-Carb Alternative to Mashed Potatoes provides an example of a keto friendly option to the classic potato dish. These low-carb recipes provide 10 examples of keto pasta alternatives. There are two options (Kelp Noodles and The “Miracle Noodle”) to stock your pantry with.

Find my own Zucchini Linguini recipe in the Vegetable chapter of The Ketogenic Edge Cookbook and enjoy the many sauce recipes that are included like Rosemary Oregano Butter Sauce, Turmeric Black Pepper Cream Sauce, Cauliflower Alfredo Sauce, Coconut Curry Sauce, and more.

We want you to succeed on a low-carb, ketogenic diet! Be prepared and do not let pasta cravings take you off track.


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