Simple Recipes - Fully Customizable

With a smart approach to meal prep, most recipes take 10 minutes or less to make before you are sitting down to a quality, homemade meal.

All recipes are 100% animal protein and fats, no veggies, no spices.

You can mix and match meals or full days to best suit your needs!

Nose To Tail Eating

Enjoy a unique focus on nose to tail variety that respectfully uses the whole animal and enhances the diet with a plethora of nutrients.

Traditional diets around the world use organs, bones, and odd bits regularly in their diet, specifically for fertility and childhood development. Take note of their wisdom and learn how easily these ingredients can be incorporated into your weekly meal prep.

Easy Step-By-Step

You'll gain dietary confidence, learn how to use various parts of the animal, and won't fear your food!

Work through common roadblocks and reach your goals with our dietary tips and troubleshooting sections.