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EP 132: KETOSIS doesn’t guarantee weight loss, but a KETO DIET makes fat loss super easy

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5 Responses

  1. Mary Sinclair

    Hi There

    I just want to thank you and Jessica for putting all your info out there!!!! I been researching experimenting with Keto diet only to get confused and over whelmed and actually gain. You make it so easy to understand and thank god I came across you Tristen !! You both are such an inspiration and a blessing to 0ther people (me). I made Jessica’s Muffins and my husband had no ideai was cooking. He WOW what is that wonderful smell so yummy ! Then I told him FINALLY I found awesome help.

    Thank you both so very much !!!

    • Jessica Haggard

      Mary it is such a blessing to be able to connect with you! Thanks for sharing a window into your life – you made my day!

      • Mary Sinclair

        Happy 4th to your family !
        I am excited to try more of your recipes , I think yours are the BEST, I have dozens of cookbooks but your recipes are the best ! I will be watching if you put out anymore cooking videos they inspire me.

        Your husband is so smart and i been learning so much. I agree with his thoughts and takes fears and frustrations away , How to live healthy.


  2. Kristen Wilker

    Just wanted to say hi and thank you for the good info. I’m a divorced mom of a 6 year old son with special needs. I was 329 and just got weighed this week and down to 297. But I’m winging it mostly on my own. I’ve got PCOS and hypothyroidism fighting against me but I want to be around as long as I can for my son. I’m an older mom at 46. I adopted my son when I was 40. Been watching your videos and seeing my naturopath every 8 weeks but haven’t nailed down where my macros are supposed to be yet and being a recovering vegetarian to boot I’m still trying to get used to eating meat. Lotsa spices. No gallbladder. But your videos are helping so thank you for your generosity and plain spoken, non gibber jabber delivery. Can’t give up so in it for the long run. Take care.

    • Jessica Haggard

      You are a real life super hero! Thanks for sharing your story here. Be sure to check your email, I just sent you some goodies 😉