EP 111: Stop OVERCOMPLICATING KETO – a ketogenic diet for fat loss is SIMPLE & EASY to maintain!

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5 thoughts on “EP 111: Stop OVERCOMPLICATING KETO – a ketogenic diet for fat loss is SIMPLE & EASY to maintain!”

  1. Love your cookbook Jessica!
    Favorites….all purpose keto bread and keogenic carrot cake. So many good recipes. As my first ketogenic cook book about baking, it has made my meal variety soooo much better! ♥️

    • It’s amazing once your eyes are open to the variety of options available on keto! It’s so much more than bacon and butter for every meal 😉

  2. I love your book..so happy to have found you guys. Finally some one who thinks like me…felt a bit alone here trying to convince people you keto is good but no need to buy all this stuff….if it can not grow it then do not eat it..LOL and keep off the sugar and white table salt…thank you for all the hard work, even my homeschooled daughter watches you. <3

  3. You Both make things perfect working as a TEAM.
    Always helping people to achieve a Healthy lifestyle.
    Jessica your a true from the heart and soul Baker with amazing well researched recipe’s.
    Thank you to you all as a family making things simple to follow.
    May you continue to prosper with more heart felt recipes with continual support for everyone.
    Kindest Wishes and Regards to you all x

  4. Love the book
    Really enjoy your down to earth approach
    You and dietdoctor keep it simple
    And it is simple.
    I cooked the bread from the book, I love it toasted, with cream cheese, a bit of fried onion rings in olive oil and an herring filet on top ??
    (Keto for french people ?)

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