The Rockefeller Foundation PART 1 – Snake Oil Eugenics

The documented, true history of the big foundation behind “The New Normal”. From snake oil sales to eugenics & depopulation, microbiology to mass vaccination, GMO crops to fake environmentalism – The Rockefeller Foundation has directed a century of social engineering of “new normals”. Watch the video on Rokfin or Youtube.

Snipped & Microchipped – Real Men Wear Skirts

DARPA, Sesame Street and Madison Avenue want men’s junk snipped, and their brains chipped. The dehumanization and feminization of man is a long-term social engineering plan – Tristan discusses what it’s all about, why it’s happening and where it’s heading. Watch the video on Rokfin or Youtube.

Smart City Autonomous Vehicles & Social Credits

Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum openly declare their plan to phase out private vehicle ownership and bring in autonomous vehicles to completely control all human movement and behavior with social credits in a smart-city technocracy control grid. Watch the video on Rokfin or Youtube.