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Is there Life after Veganism? – DrewMorg

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Is there life after veganism? Tristan and Drew, aka drewmorg, talk about ex-vegan shaming, plant-based myths, and more.

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Show Notes

  • Is cockroach milk vegan friendly? – Youtube
  • Meredith Foster’s instagram message to Freelee & diet review – Youtube
  • DrewMorg on Youtube
  • Matt Monarch on Facebook
  • B12 Probiotic Potency – Youtube
  • Polyester DVD available now! – Youtube
  • Matt Monarch – Official
  • Mic the Vegan on Youtube
  • Belinda Fettke – EAT-Lancet Commission pushes for Global Vegan Dietary Policy: who benefits? – Youtube
  • Asking Dr. Greger About Ex-Vegans, Oil, Etc – Youtube

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