Stay Motivated with a Healthy Daily Routine

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Simplify your life, increase productivity and support your desire to lead a fulfilling and meaningful life with a healthy daily routine.

How to set your own healthy daily routine. Primal edge health.

Our coaching approach in the Keto & Carnivore Collective goes way beyond a keto diet or carnivore diet. We look at all aspects of a well-rounded life. Diet is an important tool to leverage and is heavily influential in the way we feel, function, and perceive the world. Stress management, light exposure, and daily movement are other aspects we address as well.

For myself and many clients, planning out an “ideal day” helps to visually solidify goals, reinforce new habits, facilitate a work-family relationship and guide us to real accomplishments.

Set Strategy for a Healthy Daily Routine

At the end of each month, spend one night reflecting on all that happened and write out a plan for the coming 4 weeks. Set goals for the month, detail your most important projects, meal plan, and brainstorm homeschool-related outings and activities (as needed).

If you are like me and tend to go full force into something with unrealistic expectations and struggle to shake the feeling of failure when projects don’t happen you think they should… take a breath.

I have a suggestion.

Break the Day Down into Sections

Organize your daily flow in a way that you can work on all your tasks a little bit each day. As a stay-at-home, homeschooling, homesteading momtrepreneur every day is bursting with fun, important, and more often than not, challenging tasks to accomplish.

My main goals usually fall within these categories:

  • Personal health and fitness
  • Family time
  • Domestic duties (aka housekeeping)
  • Homeschooling
  • Animal and Garden care
  • Primal Edge Health-related Work (website development, writing, and editing, general computer time)

Having a list of what to do and when to do it helps me approach this splatter of responsibilities with a calm focused mind. I can find a stopping place in one category and move on to the next, even though the work in each specific area is never truly done.

Who’s ever seen the end to laundry, dishes, and emails?

How to Stay Motivated For Change

Obviously, there will be some variation in my days, but this essential structure helps me maintain a good lifestyle flow that shares focused time between family, work, and personal responsibilities and goals.

I feel good when I’m “doing it all.” The difference between a “planned” or structured day versus a “free” day is similar to treading water in a wide open lake where I can see in all directions versus swimming upstream in a strong river with water pounding over and around me.

Yikes, I get stressed just thinking about that.

The plan and simple truth is, even a little structure like consistent exercise/movement in the morning and prayer/reflection time at night helps me tremendously.

Action builds momentum. Momentum builds over time.

Take these two principles to heart and you can make huge changes in your life. Feeling more productive, getting more done, and minimizing stress in your life will be encouraging factors for you to keep going!

Paving the way for new habits takes time, repetition, and intention, but it is worth it once you reach your goals.

No change is too silly or too small. If it matters to you, write it down.

Forgive yourself that you still slip up and make mistakes. Be humbled by your human weakness.

Make a plan of action to remedy the situation you want to correct – what is a realistic alternative for you?

You know what you don’t want to do… but what is it you do want to do?

Take Your First Step

There’s nothing wrong with baby steps! If you’re new to this whole “healthy” living thing, it can seem overwhelming, shocking, and to be honest – quite frightening.

But that is just a momentary perspective.

It’s as though you just uprooted your family and life surroundings and moved to Healthy Town, USA.

I can relate – Tristan and I moved there shortly before making the big leap to relocate to Ecuador, South America.

From one day to the next, everything is different. What do you eat? What do you drink? Are your candles toxic? What’s a healthy DIY skincare alternative to store-bought chemical blends?


Pick the top three things you want to change in your life.

Say it’s taking a walk in the morning before work, drinking more water between meals, and having quality time with your family.

Figure out realistic ways that work with your lifestyle and budget and begin!

You must start somewhere and refine your approach as you go. The key is to just keep going.

If you “fall off the wagon,” take a wrong turn, and get distracted, that’s ok too.

Learn from your mistakes and get back at it! Your life is a special gift given just to you!

It’s wonderful and amazing, precious and fleeting. What you do with it is your responsibility.

What My Healthy Daily Routine Looks Like


  • Up at 5:30am with children
    • Sit outside in crisp fresh air as the stars fade into the early morning sky. Quiet time.
  • Spend up to 30 minutes with red light therapy. Sometimes this involves me breastfeeding or reading with our children.
  • 10-minute dry brush session followed by a quick hot shower light dose of Castille soap when needed. Homemade tallow lotion or coconut oil applied to the skin after a shower.
  • Drink 2 cups of water while I make my favorite teas or a warm cup of broth. If I’m on-the-go early, I’ll pour the drink into a stainless steel water bottle (not glass) and take it with me.
  • Breakfast usually comes about an hour after waking up
    • Slow-cooked meat and fried eggs with lots of salt and butter is a current staple of mine
    • Keto Flatbreads with cheese or omelettes for our children
    • We eat outside together whenever possible
  • Computer time #1
    • Emails and chat in our Discord server with the Keto Collective
    • Touch base with our warehouse about cacao orders
  • Head outside with children and their bikes
    • Jump at least 300 x on rebounder (on the patio)
    • Garden time
    • Chicken and horse care


  • Piano practice for our daughter and myself
  • Lunch
  • Homeschooling time (I do body-weight and kettlebell exercises in between explaining activity directions)
    • reading and math lessons
    • workbook activities and printables
    • sensory play, art and craft projects, process art
  • Nap time for the littlest Haggard, quiet solo play for the oldest
  • Computer time #2
    • Creative time for me, writing posts and putting together cookbooks
  • Return to the rebounder for the second session of light-impact movement
  • Sweep through the house, children pick up the floor and I clean
  • Dinner, optional
    • I usually just eat twice a day. If Tristan didn’t eat earlier, I’ll make grass-fed beef T-bone or top sirloin steaks
    • Children eat steaks. They usually have their higher carb foods like raw milk, raw honey, fruit smoothies, or plantains fried in tallow earlier in the day. We don’t restrict or intentionally time their carb intake.
  • Free play for children and last email check-in for me (I use IRIS app to minimize harmful blue light and flicker rate from the computer screen)
  • Bedtime for children
    • shower, brush teeth, use red light therapy to relax (if needed), read books in bed with children by salt lamp light
  • Tristan and I relax together, share the best home massage tool everrrr and listen to podcasts or audiobooks
  • Around 9:30pm, I’m usually heading to bed to read a few pages of a book by a red salt lamp light before falling to sleep

The world is goin’ crazy, no need to go with it #EatMeatMakeFamilies

A Note on Travel

Don’t let your getaway ruin your progress of building healthy habits. Pack all the important travel essentials you need, prepare as much as you can ahead of time, and enjoy yourself! Once the habits are established, you’ll be ready to get back into them again even after some time away.

4 thoughts on “Stay Motivated with a Healthy Daily Routine”

  1. I love it! I just fell in love with you Jessica!!! I love this message and how honest you are about the process taking time, effort, and making mistakes. We need to spread this message, I am upgrading to some new changes for the whole family, like natural lighting at night, more play time with the kids, and better snack options for the kids also….I think I’m ready for the next level parenting/teaching and I can’t wait to slowly implement positive changes. I also realized that you and I live parallel lives in so many ways, it is so refreshing seeing that…I don’t have many surrounding me that live like us and sometimes it can feel like we are doing it alone. I’m so grateful to see how you all live, it reminds me that I’m not alone. Thank you gurrrrl!!!

    • Likewise Anna 😉 Life is such a blessing – it’s a shame to let the experience of awe and wonder get clogged up with stress and worry. We’ve all been giving a gift to be here. I think the secret is in being in the world but not of it 😉 We fine tune our approach always, but can’t attach too much to any one (physical) thing. Especially as the woman of the home, we have important roles to guide, nurture and protect! What responsibility! Hurray!

  2. Hi Jess

    Thanks for the routine advice. I’m not great at writing goals down. It’s something I’m getting into my head and visualising before I put it into practice. Goal writing keeps showing up so I know it’s something I need to start doing for my life to change.

    At the moment I’m working on why I have the blocks to get started. I’m having NLP to help me.

    I did the keto woe for 8 months and then I lost it and I’m back to eating high carbs again. Unfortunately I work a lot of hours and my free time is usually spent recovering or seeing family. My working hours are regular so I can plan stuff in around it. I have been someone who goes with the flow and what will be will be. Today I took myself, my granddaughter and the dog over the park in the rain. We played on the wooden apparatus, did a bit of yoga and quick meditation and hugged some trees. This was not planned. I do realise that I have to put goals in place. I have goals which I need to be more clear on.

    Thanks for your time. I found it useful to write it all down.

    Many thanks

    Emma Neller

    • Lovey Emma! Putting the pen to paper can really help solidify your intention and help get. it. done. Keep at it, otherwise…. get back to it 😉


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