EP 32: Dr. Stephanie Seneff – the effects of Glyphosate (RoundUp) and importance of Organic Foods

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Watch the Video Here. Dr. Stephanie Seneff and I discuss her research, findings, and theories on the effects of glyphosate on the human body.  We get into the importance of organic agriculture, the soil microbiome, and possible links between the increased used of RoundUp and the slew of modern disease. Dr. Seneff’s site:  https://people.csail.mit.edu/seneff/

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  1. Julie

    Gasping for air! I have long held the belief that our food sources are contaminated by the perfect storm of the “butterfly effect” of small horrors that accumulate into this manufactured problem. There was a book called “Silent Spring” by Rachel Carson in the early 60’s that forecasted what would happen to us all if we continued massive commercial farming and dumping chemical agents all along the way into our bodies (cradle to grave). The legacy that these poor farming practices (nation-wide bug mitigation plans that cause bee population interruptions, soil contaminations (killing worms that offer critical biodegradable micro-biomes), and then chemical additives to the soil to grow low-nutrient, high volume crops has really created a massive health decrepitude spanning generations. We knew it then, we know it now – what are we going to do to fix it and do we care enough?

    Unprecedented trade routes allow us foods from all over the world. Our knowledge-base of the negative accumulative effects of layers upon layers of disastrous decisions has increased enough that we MUST alter our course immediately, dramatically, and sustainably. Is the ruination of soil (oh and of the ocean due to run-off) irreversible? I think not. But generations of autistic babies and alzheimer elders begs the question, is it too late for us?