Ep 27: Andrew Scarborough – treating his Cancer, changing his environment: eating bugs, DHA, Ketogenic Diet

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Andrew Scarborough was diagnosed with a brain tumor in an aggressive astrocytoma in 2013…he didn’t get results from traditional treatments and opted to take responsibility for managing the seizures and attempt to inhibit the growth using dietary changes. He came on before and talked about his therapeutic approach and returns for an update.Andrew came back to talk about his recent changes in lifestyle including limiting his use of technology and exposure to blue light, finding that DHA levels in his diet can be more important than high ketones for brain balance, his experiments with eating insects as a source of fat and protein, and more.Please subscribe via itunes or your preferred podcast server, like the video on youtube and give a thumbs up!
Watch the Video Here.Andrew’s blog: http://mybraincancerstory.blogspot.com/

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  1. Martin
    | Reply

    Hey guys.
    I was wondering when you mentioned that red meet is not as good as oily fish during the ketosis. Ican the issue be that red meet contains glycogen and that might interfere with the blood sugar levels.

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