Ep 24: A Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting – 7 rules

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Intermittent fasting, “IF”, is a powerful tool for fat loss. There are a plethora of health benefits to intermittent fasting, including improved insulin sensitivity and neurological benefits. “IF” is becoming a highly popular method for weight loss – here are the 7 Simple Rules for Starting IF.

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2 thoughts on “Ep 24: A Beginners Guide to Intermittent Fasting – 7 rules”

  1. Hi Tristan…I am having a hard time understanding macros..I am 5’4″..63 yr old female..I work out three times a week and clean houses for a living..I have been doing the ketogenic lifestyle for 3 months now and have pretty much been winging it….I don’t understand total counted grams for the day..I weigh 145 lbs but feel like I am still out of kilter….glucose reads around 97 and ketones are 0.3 in the mornings…I just started working with a trainer and he is pretty much old school with the carb thing…I do not want to be counting on carbs for fuel as I have been such a sugar addict in the past…thank you for any help…I really enjoy your uTube videos …Chris

    • Chris, we have several articles and videos on how to estimate your macro needs. Figure out your protein needs, carbs are set at under 30g net (or less for some), fats are the rest! I can’t really give you coaching via comments but if you want me to look into your situation deeply and help you with your goals you can contact through the coaching link.

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