EP 25: Phil Escott – How an autoimmune disease was the best thing for him, why healing isn’t just physical

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Phil Escott was a highly active and talented drummer when he was diagnosed with a painful and debilitating auto-immune disease that rocked his reality and had him couchbound in agony…he used a ketogenic high fat diet to reduce his symptoms greatly, but the rest of his healing journey was not so simple.

Watch the Video Here.

Phil came on for an insightful and important talk on the non-physical aspects of healing. We talk about why healing is not just a physical endeavor and get into some deep philosophical musings on the spiritual aspects of dealing with illness and difficulties in life. His interview with the youtube channel “Buddha at the Gas Pump” can be found here.

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1 thought on “EP 25: Phil Escott – How an autoimmune disease was the best thing for him, why healing isn’t just physical”

  1. Great message, Tristan. I’ve had very similar experience beginning from breaking down, searching for answers, being frustrated with doctors to finally finding food that works and eventually evolving to connecting everything together by finding my roots, as a living human being, in the nature around me. I love the discovery and maybe constant discovering even more so. But I’ve noticed, and that’s why I wanted to share it here, there’re lots of distractions if one invites them in. The same medium (the Internet), which guided to many discoveries can easily start bombarding you with doubts and second guessing, and as Phil said, shifting main focus too much on symptoms, dragging you away from your personal connection to self well being.
    Anyway, thanks again for sharing your experience; it’s cool to imagine that the same sun shines over all of people connecting us in one way or another (if we only choose so).

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