Drew Morg. Is there life after veganism? Primal Edge Health podcast.

Is there Life after Veganism? – DrewMorg

Is there life after veganism? Tristan and Drew, aka drewmorg, talk about ex-vegan shaming, plant-based myths, and more. Watch the video here. Show Notes Is cockroach milk vegan friendly? – Youtube Meredith Foster’s instagram message … Read more

Primal Edge Health podcast. Farm to table, meat advocacy, and slow food. Anya Fernald.

Anya Fernald – Farm to Table & Meat Advocacy

Co-founder and CEO of Belcampo Meat Co., in Marin County, Anya Fernald is inspired by local food production, Temple Grandin, and artisanal butchering. Today she joins the Primal Edge Health Podcast to discuss meat advocacy, … Read more

Red meat and performance. Stan Efferding on Primal Edge Health podcast.

Stan Efferding – Red meat and Performance

Stan Efferding comes on to discuss the Vertical Diet, the importance of animal foods, vegan agenda, The Game Changers propaganda, nutrition for athletic performance, and more. Watch the Video Here. Show Notes Stan’s official webpage … Read more

Judith McGeary. Decentralizing food Image.

Decentralizing the Food Supply – Judith McGeary

Judith McGeary, a lawyer turned farmer and now an executive director of the national organization Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance (FARFA) joins the Primal Edge Health Podcast to advocate for small scale ranchers, livestock owners, … Read more