The 5 WORST things about starting KETO – how to AVOID them

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Begin your keto diet with the right strategy. Avoid the 5 worst things about starting a keto diet with these expert tips. With this advice, you will know how to prepare correctly, enjoy the transition, and adjust your approach correctly.

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2 thoughts on “The 5 WORST things about starting KETO – how to AVOID them”

  1. this sounds great but i tried keto, down 20 carbs a day, and lost only 1/2 lb every other week…so slow, went electrolyte fasting (snakediet) and lost 35 lbs in 2 months but have not been able to get back to eating only 2ce a week for the past year…frustrated as this aging body has been through a lot BUT I GET LESS PAIN on keto. Been doing intermittant fasting and eating one keto dinner and still no weight loss for the past 3 months but again, with a fused spine, living clean is all good. thanks for all your info, been watching for over a year now!

    • Sometimes fat loss takes time, especially when your bodies has other priorities to heal and protect. 0.5 pounds of fat loss a week is still something! You goal should be about creating sustainable habits that will serve you long-term, it’s not about a quick fix. I’m glad we can be a helpful resource for you – thanks for your comment.

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