Simple Changes for Big Results

Noah |

After the coaching and support within the Keto & Carnivore Collective, I am able to take a much simpler approach to my diet and not be so obsessed with food. I am so thankful for Tristan and Jessica and the advice they were able to give me as well as for the support from other people in the group.

Since I was in my teens, I’ve struggled with my weight on and off due to medications for a mood disorder. I’m 32 now and was recently on a heavy dose of medication which caused me to gain over 90 pounds a little over a year ago.

Due to what I learned in the KCC, my weight is now steadily going down and my inflammation has decreased quite noticeably. My cognition is sharper and cravings are dramatically less. I feel great! I’m confident that weight loss will not be a barrier any longer and I will continue to live a healthy attainable lifestyle.

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