One of the Best Online Events

Eva Rodriguez | Albany, NY |

Even though I had some experience with the ketogenic diet and lifestyle prior to being in the collective, I learned SO much more, from Jessica, Tristan, and the other participants! Jessica & Tristan don’t hold back, and do share everything they’ve learned on their keto-carnivore journey. They give all the with tools & information needed while also encouraging you to go deeper and do further research.

I cherish the cookbooks Jessica has written and am grateful for all the recipes and meal prep instructions. provided in the KCC. Along with the priceless information that is shared, I enjoyed some good, fun humor along the way. There were opportunities to network with folks from all over the world, who want to live their best lives. I left the Keto-Carnivore Collective so empowered and motivated!

Signing up for the Keto-Carnivore Collective, is one of the best on-line events I’ve ever participated in!