Nicole V

Breaking a Stall

Nicole V | El Paso, Texas | Hard Working Mama

After doing a ketogenic diet for a year and losing 90lbs I was in a stall for nearly 4 months. I had been eating the same foods, simple and pretty much the same thing that had me lose all the weight so I could not figure out what I was doing wrong. I joined this collective in the hopes of understanding sustainable non-processed food and I hoped to get help understanding the diet for long term. Tristan and Jessica both had amazing advice, it was their suggestions that broke my stall and allowed me to get back on losing weight, in just 4 weeks I lost another 15lbs and was able to make my 100lb loss in a year goal!! They know everyone seems to adapt different and has to tweak the diet a bit differently, that’s the beautiful thing about this collective, Tristan and Jessica take the time to find each path, I’m so thankful for them, cant say it enough. They are amazing humans!!