Anna Arguello

More Than Just Diet

Anna Arguello | California, USA | Homeschooling Mom & Homesteader

The Keto & Carnivore Collective has shifted my entire health paradigm in a new and exciting direction. After going Vegan for 5 years back in 2009 and having two pregnancies since 2012, my body was left depleted and malnourished. After years of trying every diet and cleansing fad out there, I quickly learned that the Ketogenic diet would counter-balance the damage done. I listened to a bunch of Ketogenic YouTubers and followed their advice. I went in circles and failed all attempts; the information they provided was misleading and fear mongering. Then I came across Jessica and Tristan and found that they offered much beyond the Keto diet and over the course of working with them they taught me the truth about Keto.

Within a week of joining their Collective they brought truth to my world in ways I never had considered before (not to mention the beautiful connections I made and the support I received from those who also joined and who I also learned from). I was able to fully understand that my health struggles stemmed from years of eating a plant-based diet. They were also able to provide practical knowledge on how to nourish my body back to health.

The Collective goes beyond the Keto diet trend, it’s about creating a diet that nourishes the body and opens up the opportunity to live beyond the food. To truly be nourished in a way that creates space to live your life intentionally. They construct a program that when fully implemented, creates a synergistic approach to life. They don’t revolve a lifestyle around food, but a lifestyle that is supported by nourishment.

This approach allows your body to heal, leaving you with time to focus on more important things. This is not something just anyone can teach, their lifestyle approach reveals how meaningful someone can live their life when well nourished. The way they gracefully walk life is a tribute to Keto’s ability to bring nourishment to the table and our well being.

Jessica and Tristan are not only great examples, but an inspiration to us all, and personally, they have positively impacted my life in ways most out there never could have. I’m excited to start planning my life the way I’ve always dreamed of because they gave me the tools to transcend my health to a level I’ve never reached before. Thank you J & T!

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